EP Review: Midnight Playlist – Built To Break

Earlier this month the band Midnight Playlist released their debut EP ‘Built To Break’. Some new, young and fresh pop-rock is what you can expect from these guys. With influences from Blitz Kids, Don Broco and Mayday Parade this EP is a solid mix of fist-pumping bridges and sing-along choruses.

COVER-ART-290x290The grand opener A Year In Hell is a mix of some oldschool pop-rock and alternative rock. This counts for the second track Desperate as well. The whole EP makes you recognize particular influences from different bands and you can feel that they approach music from different angles and genres that you’re probably not used to. But when you get used to this and take it all in, you’ll see that this a powerful EP.

The third track Undone is my personal favorite. I’ll just let the lyrics speak for themselves. ‘There are no choruses in failure, no tune in the chances that you miss but you’ll know the sound when it’s closer.’ ‘Will you be satisfied?’ Well, I’m satisfied, I can tell you that. The EP’s title song Built To Break keeps the energy going and probably is the most uptempo track on this EP. Hollow, on the other hand, is a very simple, kind of slow but catchy track.

Off to the final track Tear Away. This song starts of with some strong lyrics and guitar bridge. I think this has the biggest potential to be the fan’s favorite. It makes you long for that endless summer night when you’re singing along to all your favorite songs. Even though the melody sounds rather elated, the lyrics are still simple-hearted and natural.

So what can you expect from ‘Built To Break’? Coming in at a short but sweet 18 minutes this EP can lighten up your dark winter day.

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