EP Review : Seaway – All In My Head

7 Jacket (Glue Pocket - No Spine) [OB-GD17-001]Whether it’s your way of life, a distant memory, or you’re just discovering it, it’s a known fact that sometimes all you need to brighten your day is some good old-fashioned pop punk. And Seaway’s new EP ‘All In My Head’ is just what the doctor ordered, so prepare for 14 and a half minutes of one hell of a party.

Opening track Your Best Friend has an unsettling beat that will keep you on your toes—as if you’d be doing anything but bouncing along to the huge choruses and soaring riffs. A simple song about lost chances and love, this is guaranteed to bring out the pop punk kid in all of us. Slowing down with Alberta, the acoustic verses and soft lyrics played up against scratchy choruses and noisy riffs make this song a whole package anyone can enjoy.

No matter the weather, it’s always time for a summery tune, so here comes The Let Down—which definitely isn’t a let down. You’ve got upbeat melodies, dual vocals, and brazen lyrics. What more could you want? An epic finale? Well, you’ve got one with If I Came Back For You. Chugging riffs ensure headbanging all round, while an echoing bridge launches into a spiralling solo and a chorus of “a-woahs”, topping off the song in true pop punk glory. “Here’s to knowing that I’m still right here” is a fitting closing to an EP that only leaves us excited for the next stage of the band’s career.

If you like energetic pop punk songs about growing up, changing, and most importantly, girls, in a form of open letter written with a whole lot of heart and melody, ‘All In My Head’ is an EP you don’t want to miss. It’s a simple formula, but Seaway have got it down to a tee—and it really, really works.



Seaway – ‘All In My Head’

Released: 4/11/14 via Pure Noise Records

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