EP Review: Six Time Champion – Expecting Honesty

stcThe pop punk revival has been growing stronger with each passing day, and now it’s not confined to the States any more—the UK has been throwing in more than its fair share of the genre. Brighton lads Six Time Champion are making a name for themselves in the local scene, touring with the likes of ROAM and As It Is, with their brand of pop punk that is meant to be heard live. Recorded at The Ranch Production House in Southampton under the capable guidance of Lewis Johns, their second EP ‘Expecting Honesty’ is a good 21 minute workout that will soon find its way onto the playlists of every self-respecting kid on the scene.

Running Dry wastes no time in getting to the good stuff. There are echoes of the old school pop punk of the early 2000s, but with a heavier edge so trademark of the new pop punk revival, placing them somewhere between Mest and The Story So Far. The beat doesn’t give you a break, but the soaring riffs keep the melody in flux. This is a great shout-along anthem that will be a guaranteed hit at shows. And Happiness In Emptiness carries the torch, keeping up the same relentless energy in every furious drumbeat. The gang vocals in title track Expecting Honesty will make you proud to be a pop punk kid, with crashing riffs falling like waves around the spitfire lyrics. The bridge is a refreshing breather, throwing in a real summery twist before launching right back into a crescendo of guitars, answering shouts and “whoa-ohs”, and a pounding bassline.

 Dragging My Feet begins with a colourful melody, which is layered with chugging riffs. James’ vocals alternate between their trademark forceful roughness, to a softer, wide ranging side, providing complexity. And finally, determined to go out with a bang is Separation, giving us the fastest and most energetic solo of the EP right upfront, and again at the end to bring the song full circle. This is much more staccato than its predecessors, giving you plenty of chances for breakdowns. Drummer Rich says ‘Expecting Honesty’ is “something that we’re all massively proud of”, and they have every right to be—there’s not a single weak track on this EP, and even if you can’t catch them at a show (and we thoroughly recommend that you do), you can get right into the spirit of a crowded, enthusiastic moshpit by plugging this into your speakers.



Six Time Champion – ‘Expecting Honesty’

Release: 1/12/14

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