EP Review : Tahoe – Wonders

TAHOE_ARTWORK_RECTOOn February 12th, Tahoe a 5 piece post-hardcore band will release their first EP untitled ‘Wonders’.  The band recently gave a glimpse of their latest project to the fans revealing 2 tracks off of this brilliant EP and already received a good response, which announce a success for the Parisian band.

This EP composed of 6 tracks is defined by a powerful melodic hardcore and a good combination of scream/clear voices which ultimately gives more impact and intensity to the songs and sets Tahoe in the post-hardcore/alternative genre. ‘Wonders’ seems to describe Tahoe’s journey with tracks standing out, having not one song sounding like the other and introducing tracks with meaningful themes. The first single revealed is ‘Incomplete’ and sets the tone for the next songs on the record defining Tahoe’s clear melodic sound, filled with emotions.

Our favourite tracks are “Crossed-Paths” and Memory Failures”, two completely different songs that make you glad you found them. The first one, third song on the EP starts slowly but gets more powerful throughout the song, emphasized but a well-executed scream.  “Memory Failures” on the other hand is a 6min long track ending the EP on a melodic and beautiful note. We can tell that the band put a lot of effort into this project letting the fans wander throughout the songs especially on “OA”, a scream-free song that sounds a bit like an introduction to the last track of the EP.

In a nutshell, Tahoe is definitely one of the 2015 revelations of the French alternative scene, which continuously brings brilliant bands, and they proved it once more as they deliver a first EP of great quality. So if you’re a fan of the scene you can count on Tahoe to please your ears with awesome tracks and we cannot wait to see the dimension these songs will encounter live.




Tahoe – ‘Wonders’
Released : February 12th, 2015

Words : Roxy S. 

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