EP Review: Trash Boat – Brainwork

trashboatHailing from St. Albans, Trash Boat are proving that the US-dominated pop punk scene has room for those across the pond, and they’re bringing the punk roots and the no-nonsense attitude of the UK. Their sophomore release—and first release on renowned pop punk label Hopeless Records—‘Brainwork’ clocks in at just under 13 minutes, but this remarkably short EP packs in the weight of a much longer album, and isn’t waiting around for anyone.

First song Taylor comes in at just over the minute mark, exploding into fast-paced riffs from the get-go—these boys aren’t messing around. Serving as an introduction to the EP, it launches right into Saving Face with a Real Friends-esque riff, before getting down and dirty with a pace that is bound to get heads banging everywhere. The breakdown after the chorus manages to be both far-reaching and panoramic, and a guaranteed moshpit-starter, all at once. “I tell myself I’m different / I hope someday I listen” is the standout line, shining a light on their wonderfully introspective lyrics.

You can hear vocalist Tobi Duncan’s accent shine through on Perspective, as well as the band’s tendency to write their lyrics like a diary entry. This song is a promise of getting better and moving on, fuelled by punchy drumbeats and winding guitars. As Seen On Screen is a total summer jam, full of driven verses and sunny riffs that float over the choruses you’ll be chanting along to in no time. And before you can catch your breath you’ll already be at final track Eleven and not ready to say goodbye. But ready or not, you’ll be plunged headfirst into the fastest track yet, telling a story hard and fast and full of anger ensuring the EP goes out with a bang.

EPs are traditionally a taster to prepare for what’s to come on a full-length—and with ‘Brainwork’ they’ve certainly caught our attention, leaving us ready for more. We have high hopes for Trash Boat, and with a 2015 schedule full of tours alongside Real Friends, Weatherstate, and Nathan Detroit, and appearances at festivals including Download in the UK, this is definitely a band to keep your eye on.




Trash Boat – ‘Brainwork’ (EP)

Released: 18/5/15 via Hopeless Records

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