Guest Post 3/4: Friends of Foes Talk New EP ‘Faults’


Friends Of Foes are releasing a new EP called ‘Faults’ on February 12th. To celebrate the impending release, we’ve teamed up with the band to bring you each member’s individual thoughts on the recording process, along with a video teaser that details the behind the scenes of the studio. In case you missed it, you can catch up on the first instalment here, and the second here. In the third instalment, check out what vocalist Celeste had to say, and be sure to check back next week for the next chapter!

Faults‘ is lyrically, a further pouring of my life experiences. When I write I venture to truly make connections with a variety of listeners. I believe that music is one of the finest ways to relate one another, and is also a great way to not feel so alone in this big world. For this project we chose Sun Temple Studio, just forty-five minutes outside our hometown). We lived at the studio throughout the recording process, and it felt like being in a cabin at the lake, minus the lake. Instead trees and farm fields encircled us, on a beautiful heritage homestead in what seemed like the middle of nowhere (no pun intended). It was so nice to wake up and already be at work, eat breakfast, and begin working. One of my favourite memories, of this experience, was getting to witness my very first lightning storm, outside, instead of in the safety of my bed, big thanks to Anthony for convincing me. Now that our time at Sun Temple has ended and the record is done, I am overjoyed with the result of all our hard work and I can not wait to share it with all who might be listening.

A professional behind the scenes string-puller, in her spare time Alex is usually found spending all of her money in record stores or rocking out at shows. Pop punk is her true calling, peppered with a healthy dose of tv show marathons, and lots of iced tea.

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