Spotlight #9 – Single Review: Friends of Foes – Winter

FOFWinter is coming—and it is beautiful and deafening in all its quietness, completely surrounding you in a blanket of calm. In the quiet sounds of the winter wind / In the silence, as we wait for this to end,” croons vocalist Celeste Nicholson, her voice clear but sultry, as echoing as the winter wind she’s singing about. Beginning with just a muted, repetitive riff, there is only her hypnotic vocals to focus on, transporting you right there to the place in the lyrics—chills are guaranteed to run down your spine, and not from the cold. The track picks up slightly around the 40 second mark, with a skippy drumbeat appearing for a few gentle beats, before returning to an eerie verse, backed only by a tambourine and soft “ahs”. This is where the song really shows off its brilliance—the quiet melody will suddenly explode into a surprise solo about two minutes in, completely sweeping you off your feet. The guitars slide from high to low, taking your emotions with it; so low you’ll feel the piercing pain of the harsh weather, and so high the cold doesn’t matter any more because you’re on top of a mountain ready to chant the lyrics at the top of your lungs. Winter shows just how incredibly far Friends of Foes have come since their first release ‘Chronophobic’, which only came out a year ago. Considering the band’s fledgling career, their fantastic debut, and their already marked improvement with this taste of what’s to come, we can already tell that absolutely nothing is going to stand in their way.

If you’d like to know more about Friends of Foes, read our bio here, pick up their music here, and listen to Winter below!



Friends of FoesWinter

Released: 24/10/14

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