Get to know Figures through ‘Figures’ (EP Review)

What do we really know about the australian rock scene?
The country surely has a lot to give in terms of variety and in heavy rock especially. In fact, some of the biggest international bands come from down under. Karnivool, The Butterfly Effect and Powderfinger, are all coming from there, but these are also bands that existed for about 20 years now. Where’s the fresh blood? Who will be stepping up in the near future?  Whereas punk and hardcore is blossoming in Australia, what’s left for heavy rock bands? Well, Figures might be an answer to this.

Figures, from Melbourne have just put out an EP, that will give a lot of hope to all of you who are nostalgic of good heavy rock.  Figures’ self titled is everything you’d want from that type of music, from powerful and honest singing, to melodic big riffs. First single and track Filter demonstrates the power of a good, compelling chorus that wouldn’t leave your mind for hours, whereas melodies, paired with high singing notes on Vice will give you the chills.
Figures seem to have figured the right balance, when it comes to the pace all the tracks are unfolding at. The EP characterizes with powerful upswings, contrasting with delicate harmonies, therefore bringing the right temporization to the record. It  leaves us under the impression that Figures master their subject and know exactly what they’re doing and why they’re doing it. Which brings us to the fact that it’s hard to believe that this is only the band’s debut record, since it sounds very matured already. Listening to ‘Figures’, we have this feeling of grandeur; it’s awesome and odd at the same time, as it’s not common within up and coming acts nowadays. Somehow it’s refreshing and only makes us realize that we seriously lack in such solid bands. Bands who revitalize this landscape and ensure succession of good old Soundgarden and Powderfinger and everything in between.

Figures seem to have made the right choices to fully showcase what they are capable of. Their self-titled debut EP is rich in cohesive sounds, as well as depth that highlights its wisdom. This is a record that grows in the listener and there’s no wonder why these guys managed to secure slots with bands such as Twelve Foot Ninja, despite the early step in their career. The next step for the Australians would be now to take further risks with an even more daring and varied full length that will allow them to break out for good and fly out of Australia to rock these international stages.
Figures, ‘Figures’ – Out now.
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