Give me one more song to free my head, I need time alone with BEARTOOTH

Beartooth @ Winnipeg, Canada - By Kaylee Smoke for
Beartooth @ Winnipeg, Canada – By Kaylee Smoke for

If you’ve been part of the scene long enough you probably heard of Attack Attack! a mix of electronica and post-hardcore led by Caleb Shomo. And you probably heard of a band named Beartooth. That’s what this article is about so if one of these statements is true, well keep reading. If not? Keep reading too, you might just find your new favourite band. Totally worth a shot.

Let’s rewind a bit. When Caleb Shomo left Attack Attack! he had already started working on his new project. In 2013 Red Bull Records offered them a record deal; Beartooth (composed of Caleb Shomo, Kamron Bradbury, Taylor Lumley, Oshie Bichar and Brandon Mullins) was born and after a promising EP the band dropped « Disgusting » in June 2014; an album that is slowly but surely bringing them under the spotlight, everywhere…

Indeed, 2015 is a great year for the band as Beartooth played the whole of Warped Tour this Summer, announced their first headlining UK tour along with a Euro run with Bring Me The Horizon next November, killed it at their first Reading & Leeds appearance and they’re doing amazingly good with their first album. Question is, how did the name Beartooth suddenly appear on everyone’s lips so quickly?  The answer might be behind one talented frontman, a great chemistry between the band and an absolute killer first album setting the band as one of those to closely keep an eye on. In fact, Caleb Shomo is the one at the heart of Beartooth, the one behind all the writing and production on the album but he clearly knew who to take on board with him for this new band. It is obvious that each member added their own music touch and influences on it, most of them previously being from other bands and it eventually led the 5-piece to create one hell of an album. It is heavy and dark, full of bad thoughts, angst and so powerful, if you’re going through a hard time « Disgusting » will help you erase the past and face your demons. Literally. And that’s what the genre is all about, to release all your feelings and lose yourself in the sound, right?

Beartooth @ Winnipeg, Canada – By Kaylee Smoke for

Truth is, when you hear “Disgusting” for the first time, it is so angsty and dark you may feel disoriented, especially if you knew the singer from Attack Attack! Simply because it’s like Caleb Shomo took a pen and put all of what he felt onto songs, both in the writing and the way of screaming. Least that’s how I felt it, alone on Warped Tour and about 4,000 miles away from home facing a band I had only heard of a few months back. With their high-energy and an enthusiastic crowd watching them, I was dragged along and instantly repeating what Caleb screamed to the fans. The more I was singing along the more free and happy I felt. Warped Tour date after another, I was hooked and by the time they played Reading Festival I knew most lyrics by heart and it was clear that I had become in the space of 4 weeks, part of the Beartooth family.
As a matter of fact Caleb Shomo allegedly told Rock Sound the writing of this album was first for himself to get his head straight… and this honestly becomes a general feeling when you listen to “Disgusting” on repeat. The band put a lot of hard work into this frst album and completely revealed itself with very heavy and powerful songs such as Sick & Disgusting, Me In My Own Head, Body Bag or I Have a Problem bringing up the subjects of loneliness, depression or emptiness. However, despite this darkness the album slowly finds its way with heavy guitars and is contrasted by ‘brighter’ songs like In Between, The Lines, Keep Your American Dream or One More still with a hardcore sound but a bit catchier, and always making you feel like screaming your lungs out. On this album Beartooth basically share their feelings on life and the things you have to go through, even encouraging beaten kids to revolt against anything dragging them down with the powerful and heartfelt song “Beaten In Lips”.  So, to sum up all the feels behind this first album, it is a heavy record, just the way we like them making it a real success and it clearly sets the band’s records high as it introduces Beartooth as one of the promising acts of the metal scene.

Beartooth is undeniably on fire lately, slowly winning over people not only with their album but also with wild and remarkable performances giving 100% onstage and having the keys to success. Disgusting is probably a turning point in the band’s career and we cannot wait to see what will come after for Beartooth. So far we don’t have much clue apart from upcoming tours and a potential second album being at the writing stage.
So if you want to catch them, and see what I’m talking about the band will be coming over next November with Bring Me The Horizon and PVRIS. It is probably going to be one of the best tours of 2015, but that’s just our feeling! So we’d clearly advise you to grab the few remaining tickets and not miss out. And if you have to remember only one thing from Beartooth it’s this: ‘One life, one decision – make sure it ends with you still living’ See you in the pit, guys!


Words : Roxy S.

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