Goodtime Boys unveil artwork and new album details!

Screen Shot 2014-03-12 at 17.07.54The UK’s Goodtime Boys are gearing up to release their first proper full-length album, ‘Rain’,  on May 20th via Bridge Nine Records. The band spent several months penning the album and welcomed two new members – Lewis Johns (guitar) and Casey McHale (drums) – to the fold, which created a fresh start for the band, and the overall vibe of Rain showcases that.  Cover art was unveiled today and was done by Goodtime Boys guitarist and visual artist Samuel Phipps.

‘Rain’ – Tracklist :

1.  Washout

2.  Wallflower

3.  Doubt

4.  Life Moves

5.  Dandelion

6.  Hypocrisy

7.  Cloudbursts

8.  Moral Decay

9.  Daydreamer

10.  Folsom

11.  Newspaper Sky

12.  Downpour



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