The Grass Ain’t Greener on the Other Side – Support Your Locals #3

Above The North – Gorinchem, November 2015 © Gaëlle Pitrel

Sometimes, there’s no need to go far to find what you need in music. Look around, sunshine, here are a few bands near you that are currently doing great things!

Moments release new EP ‘Outlast’

Moments have finally released much awaited EP ‘Outlast’ a few weeks ago and the least we can say is that it’s quite a strong, well-finished record, which has nothing to envy to its elders. You can catch the band live over the month of July, which we strongly recommend you to do, because you’re definitely in for a treat!


RIVIẼRE – Satin Night (music video)

It’s hard to qualify the music RIVIẼRE creates. At the crossroad of genres, the french four-piece never ceases to amaze and their recent debut album ‘Heal’ is a perfect proof of that. The band has recently put out a music video for the song Satin Night and you should check it out now.


The 101s Release new album Counterbalance

Dutch Pop-Punks in the 101s have released a brand new album earlier this month and let me tell you it fits perfectly with the season and the sunshine! Go get your copy of ‘Counterbalance’ and make your summer morning commutes easier!


Tahoe release new single / announce new record

Remember Tahoe? We started telling you about them a couple years ago, when their debut music had just came out. They might have been a little silent since then, but that’s because they had quite a few things in the works during this time. Tahoe are now back in full force, with a renewed line up, a brand new single and music video, as well as an EP announcement!
Tahoe – ‘Never’ (EP), out 30/06/2017.


Mirage – Smooth Talkers

Now filed under “bands to watch”, we have recently came across Lyon-based metalcore(ish) Mirage, who despite not reinventing their genre, display a fresh take on this type of music. They managed to catch our attention and we’re curious to see what they’ll be bringing up next. The good news is that Mirage are currently working on their upcoming EP, which should see the light next fall. Stay tuned!


Sunset Radio release new album ‘Vices’

It’s not everyday that we hear of Italian rock bands, which always makes it interesting to come across one. Sunset Radio play some feel-good punk rock, with an old-school vibe that honestly reminds us of the music we used to listen to as teenagers. Drawing influence from the likes of No Use For A Name and Lagwagon, Sunset Radio have recently put out a new record called ‘Vices’ and it’s available now pretty much everywhere.


 Fishing With Guns are back!

Parisian rockers in Fishing With Guns are back with a brand new track, called Reasons To Cry, ahead of a new release and it’s so damn good to hear from them again! The track showcases Fishing With Guns in classic energetic, southern rock’n’roll fashion and it’s taken from the band’s upcoming EP ‘Blood On The Ropes’.


Normandie – Ghost

A quick detour up north, in Sweden more precisely to see what Normandie have been up to. This is definitely a band we keep under our radar because they’ve been through a lot of changes and keep their evolution consistent and interesting to hear. If you’ve known Normandie at their beginnings, you’re probably noticing how far from the OG band we are now, but these guys are up to something good. They know exactly where they’re going and most definitely know their craft. Two thumbs up!


Resolve – Abyss

We wouldn’t close this feature without reminding you how awesome Resolve are, right? All jokes aside, in case you missed it, Resolve have recently released their second track called ‘Abyss. It comes with a killer music video and only shows everyone how this band is definitely up to something good. We can only advise you to keep an eye on Resolve in the (very) near future.


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