The Grass Ain’t Greener on the Other Side – Support Your Locals #2

Above The North – Gorinchem, November 2015 © Gaëlle Pitrel

Sometimes, there’s no need to go far to find what you need in music. Look around, sunshine, here are a few bands near you that are currently doing great things!


BEAR – Masks

The song is the first to be taken from their third full-length album ‘/// ‘ which is set for release on 7 April 2017 via Basick Records.


MIRAGE – Minefield

Lyon area in France has quite a good generation of metal/hardcore/melodic bands. Mirage is one of those promising outfits we’d like to see more over the territory. Check them out!


WHIST – My Worst Enemy

Classy pop rock from France, as stated by someone we trust.
My Worst Enemy is taken from Whist‘s ‘Square One’ EP, that you can stream in full on bandcamp.

THE 101’s – Everything

Everything is the first single taken from The 101’s upcoming album. Lovely stuff, we do recommend!


SET THINGS RIGHT – The Winter’s Tale

Allow us to share yet another STR video! Only a few days until ‘Deathwish’ is out, we hope you’re ready for the party!




Maybe you haven’t heard of When Reasons Collapse, yet, but these guys have a pretty good following and are a quite well established death core and metalcore band in their area. Their originality certainly resides in their front woman, Cristina’s agressive vocals and we do recommend you to hear it!


RIVIẼRE – Symbol

For all the prog/metal enthusiasts out here, RIVIẼRE is a band hailing from Toulouse, France, whose ability to incorporate various elements from different musical landscapes will impress. Especially giving their young age as a band.  They have just recently released a debut album called “Heal” (Basick Records) and you should listen to it now!


Halflives – Mayday

More into alternative pop/rock? Halflives might be just what you’re looking for. Born from the ashes of Over, this italian five-piece can count on an already established fan-base to support and back them on their new projects, that they lead with passion and transparency. Half-lives are currently running a campaign to fund their upcoming record and you can check all the details HERE.



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