Great Stuff You Missed – April 5th Round Up



It’s not easy to keep track with music news especially when you make yourself a busy bunny, so we check it all out regularly and make a selective list of the new stuff that you could most likely be into. That’s the great stuff you missed!


  1. In Hearts Wake – Warcry 

“The current systems in place are violently pitting us against each other, propelling our species towards our own extinction. This track is a call to come together, to unite peacefully against the forces that are currently destroying life on Earth and the resources that support it.” 

In Hearts Wake are delivering a strong message to the world through this new track.
Also, just in case you missed it, they will be in our shores starting next week, and you don’t want to miss their set at Groezrock Festival.


2. Young Lions – Burn The Money

We will never thank Australia enough for handing us so many great talents. Young Lions have just dropped a new song with new video, it is streaming all around the world, and we can’t get enough of it.


3. Dead! – Enough, Enough, Enough

“I’ve had enough. Yeah!”, says Dead!


4. Northbound – Fade To Black

Northbound have unveiled a new music video for the track Fade To Black, taken out of their upcoming EP ‘The Flaws In Everything’, due for release on April 24th.


5. The Flatliners – Infinite Wisdom

The Flatliners have a new album coming our way in exactly two days. In the meantime, here’s a new track called Infinite Wisdom.
The Flatliners -“Inviting Light”, out April 7 on Rise Records.


6. Kidbrother – A Draught I Want

A Draught I Want is Kidbrother‘s new single that is now out through Say Something Records. Speaking of this track, bassist Ffin Colley says : “I tried to present the lyrics in a way that honestly reflected how I feel when I struggle creatively, how there’s always an inner conflict and how it has (so far) always resolved the same.”

We find KidBrother‘s work very interesting and exciting, which is why we’re keeping an eye on them and you should do the same.


7. Jarhead – And There He Lies

Belgium has many ressources, and Jarhead truly adds a great stone to the edifice. As this new track And There He Lies testifies, their upcoming EP ‘Wistful Addictions’ will be a real treat for the ears.
So, if you’re from Belgium, we recommend you to head to Liège this Saturday (April 8th) for the EP’s release party.


8. Sylar – Soul Addiction 

ICYMI, Sylar will be heading on tour this summer with Beartooth and Ocean Grove, so maybe it’s time you’d get into it.

9. Knuckle Puck – Calendar Days

Pop punk’s finest Knuckle Puck are finally back with two new tracks, Calendar Days and Indecisive, their first release since June 2015. Crazy, right? You will find both songs in the 7″ ‘Calendar Days/Indecisive’ they released in March, through Rise Records.


10. The Rasmus – Paradise

If you’re like us, and you were already feeling nostalgic of all the 00’s great music era, wait until you hear that The Rasmus are back with this pretty catchy song Paradise. (we bet you’re already switching to In The Shadows nowaren’t you?)


11. Tonight Alive – World Away

Let’s talk about another great band from down under, Tonight Alive, who just signed yesterday to Hopeless Records and UNFD. Consequently, they unveiled a new track and music video World Away. And it appears that they will be recording the new record this summer.

“‘World Away’ is a continuation of our quest for self understanding and empowerment, but this time through developing a personal relationship with darkness,” Jenna McDougall’s words.


12. Creeper – Misery music video completes the infamous trilogy

We really love bands that manage to add a different layer to their music artistry, and who does it better than Creeper? …
Don’t forget they’re currently on tour through Europe, bringing along Milk Teeth and Puppy.



  • Hot Mulligan have signed to No Sleep Records and have re-released their EP ‘Opportunities’, adding an acoustic track Deluxe Capacitor.
  • Catch Fire‘s new energetic EP ‘A Love That I Still Miss’ is now out worldwide, through Rude Records.
  • MUST LISTEN : Check out A Will Away‘s LP ‘Here Again’, released through Triple Crown Records.
  • Londoners Great Cynics also have a new record out, ‘POSI’. (Btw, they will be playing El Topo Goes Loco, in Mol (BE) in May.)
I’m Yousra, in love with most of the things that earth has to offer, and isn’t music one of its most amazing wonders ? In that purpose, I try to always be on the look-out for every new band that will make my ears happy and my soul filled again.

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