Great Stuff You Missed – April 2018 Round up


We all feel under the water sometimes when so much music is being released at the same time. No worries, we’ve got your back. We compiled  here our favorite new tracks from last month. Here’s the great stuff you missed!

  • Culture Abuse – Calm E

The Californian band Culture Abuse, with their unique genre (it could be punk, it might be garage, it flirts with hardcore), will be dropping a new record “Bay Dream” on June 15th, via Epitath Records. Listen now to new single Calm E.


  •  Crooked Teeth – Crawl

On May 11th, Crooked Teeth will be releasing a re-issue of their EP “Pastel”, through Rude Records. And with this announcement, the band reveals a new title Crawl.


  • Svalbard – Revenge Porn

Bristol’s Svalbard are back with as much heart and commitment as before, and will be releasing a new record pretty soon, on May 25th, through Holy Roar Records, called “It’s Hard To Have Hope”. This second single Revenge Porn. Before that, they had already distinguished themselves with single Unpaid Intern, which is making the release of “It’s Hard To Have Hope” even more crucial.


  • Petrol Girls – Survivor

Petrol Girls have a new song out, Survivor. It’s taken from their upcoming EP, to be released through Hassle Records, but that’s all we know at the moment.
This song is tackling the sensitive subject of sexual violence, that the band has always been vocal about. A fraction of society is finally coming to realize this is a real issue and artists like Petrol Girls are necessary at this point.


  • West TheBarton – Stuck On You

Keep sending us the good rock sounds from down under, we ask! West TheBarton heard us just right. With their new record “Different Beings Being Different” just around the corner (out on May 18th through Domestic La La Records), they have just unveiled a new track Stuck On You. And yep, it is stuck on us


  • Columbus – Care At All

On May 25, the Brisbane trio Columbus are dropping their second record “A Hot Take On Heartbreak”, through UNFD, with which they shifted a little bit from their previous work. They have just dropped the second single Care At All from this upcoming album, which will help you get a glimpse of the new path they’re on.


  • Void Of Vision – You Will Bring Me Down (music video)

Remember when UNFD said : “Hello? Yes, I’d like a one-way trip to Riff Town please.” Well, it is exactly the sentiment we get every time we listen to them. And you definitely down want to be stuck in public transports when listening to this new track You Will Bring Me Down. Taken from their EP “Disturbia”, out since November 2017, through UNFD, Void Of Vision just keeps showcasing their explosive, and we love it! The song comes with a music video (that you can watch right here)


  • Guillotine – Southbound

Southbound is the latest single from the Guillotine, included in their latest effort “Weakness” (out April 27 through Venn Records/Failure By Design.à If you’re in or around Belgium, you can catch Guillotine late June at Summergloom Festival, in Antwerp, Belgium.


  • Ran Away – Hollow Coves

Currently finishing an extensive tour through Europe, supporting the brilliant Tom Walker, Australian duo Hollow Coves have just released a new single called Ran Away. The song is the perfect addition to your playlists that are destined to help you unwind and simply enjoy the moment.


  • Touche Amore – Green

It feels so good to have some new music from the amazing Touché Amoré. We will keep watching for upcoming album news and in the meantime don’t forget to watch them in Antwerp on July 9, with the support of Gender Roles.


  • Lowes – Here We Are

Emerging indie band Lowes, lead by Evir Plumb and her angelic voice, have just unveiled the first single from their upcoming EP. Regarding this single, the band stated: “’Here We Are’ is about those times when you force yourself to stop for a moment, and recognize just where you are in a certain time and place. It felt like the perfect song for us to introduce ourselves, and our first EP, to the world. It’s about the calm and the wildness you feel when immersed in nature.”


  • Mountains To Move – Left or Right

Our favorite (yep, we’re not really impartial around here) emo Poppers from Antwerp have just dropped a new title Left Or Right, a few weeks after unveiling Drown. Both singles have that catchy, poppy sound, but make no mistake: their lyrics are  way darker and profound.


  • Welcome Café – Loud

Welcome Café is seahaven‘s frontman Kyle Soto new project. It’s quite haunting, ambient and mezmerizing and it came out without a warning. Not really surprising coming from Soto. Get to know Welcome Café and enjoy this new journey.


  • Skeggs – Up in the Clouds

More sunny vibes from Australia, yeah? Here’s Skegss‘ most recent track Up In The Clouds, which is hinting a new era for the band..


  • Blanket – Worlds Collide

Blanket have worked a little over a year for their upcoming, debut record “How To Let Go”. Get familiar with Blanket‘s unique soundscapes through their new single Worlds Collide, ahead of the album’s official release next month. “How To Let Go”, out May 18, 2018.



This year is definitely a good one for music and we’re not even halfway through it! You will find below the records that caught our attention throughout the month of April. Enjoy!

The Wonder Years – Sister Cities
Underoath – Erase Me
Palm Reader – Braille
Welcome Café – Loud
Rough Hands – Moral Terror
War On Women – Capture the Flag
MØL – Jord
Bugs – Social Slump
nothing,nowhere. – ruiner
Fiddlehead – Springtime and Blind
Isaac Gracie – Isaac Gracie
Pretty Pistol– Welcome to the Dead Club
The Longshot – The Longshot EP
Bakers Eddy – I’m Not Making Good Decisions
itoldyouiwouldeatyou – Get Dead
TesseracT – Sonder
Charmer – Charmer
Shields uk – Life in Exile
Cancer Bats – The Spark That Moves (surprise album!)


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