Great Stuff You Missed – Feb 25th Round Up

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It’s not easy to keep track with music news especially when you make yourself a busy bunny, so we check it all out regularly and make a selective list of the new stuff that you could most likely be into. That’s the great stuff you missed!

  1. DIIV – Healthy Moon acoustic

indie-pop band Diiv have performed an acoustic rendition of the song Healthy Moon, for the Basement Sessions. The song is originally taken from the band’s impressive album ‘Is The Is Are’, released a a few months ago.


2. Black Coast release new single Violence Reign

Hardcore/metal fresh blood Black Coast have revealed the video for their second single Violence Reigns, taken from theirdebut EP ‘Crows Of The North’. The EP is set for release on February 26th.
Also in the news : Black Coast | Mercenary.


3. Cult Of Luna release first single off ‘Marnier’

A Greater Call is the first single Cult Of Luna are releasing from their upcoming album ‘Mariner’. It features Julie Christmas on vocals and the swedes will be releasing ‘Marnier’ on April 8th, 2016.


4. In Archives release Misery music video

 In Archives are without any doubt one of the most creative metal bands in the UK scene right now. You can watch their new stunning video for Misery, which brings the band’s latest EP ‘The Worst Part Of Life’ to a close. Check it out!


5. Creeper stream debut album in full

Creeper have finally released their much awaited EP, ‘The Stranger’ and have even put it available for streaming in its entirety! You can listen to ‘The Stranger’ right here :


6. Normandie sign to In Vogue Records

Ever since the Swedes have taken a major shift in their career, things seem to be shaping up fairly well for them. They have now signed with the popular In Vogue Records and announced at the same time the release of their new album ‘Inguz’. Finally, there’s a brand new single out, that you can check out above.


7. Bad sign release new video / sign with Basick records

As you probably know by now, we do enjoy Bad Sign quite a lot here. A little over a year after they released their EP ‘Destroy’, themselves, Bad Sign have announced their involvement with label Basick Records. In celebration of their signing, the band has put out a massive new track called Rebuild. Check it out! Congrats Bad Sign, we can’t wait to see (hear) what’s next!


8. Adept, new music video, new album

Things didn’t go really smoothly for Adept recently but they finally have managed to put out their new record, ‘Sleepless’ (Napalm Records) on February 19th. Check out the swedes’ new music video for Carry The Weight.


9. This Wild Life vs. Real Friends

Real Friends and This Wild Life have decided to cover each other’s songs and the result is pretty lovely. See for yourself!


10 – Dikembe release live record for Punk Talks benefit

Calling all emos out here, Dikembe have released a live record, whose profits will all go to Punk Talks.  Punk Talks offers free mental health services for touring musicians and industry workers in general. It’s okay to ask for help and we all should help out each other.


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