Great Stuff You Missed – February 2018 Round Up


We all feel under the water sometimes when so much music is being released at the same time. No worries, we’ve got your back. We compiled  here our favorite new tracks from last month. Check it out! 

Hellions – X (Mwah)

Nearly two years after the release of their successful sophomore album ‘Opera Oblivia’, Hellions are finally sharing new- music. New track X (Mwah) serves upbeat and groovy sounds, only this band knows how to achieve. Plus it comes with a music video that we can only recommend you to watch and enjoy!


The Wonder Years – Sister Cities

The Wonder Years returned with a brand new track called Sister Cities, which comes as a whole, with its own universe. This is a new chapter unfolding for The Wonder Years and it looks promising. The band is already showcasing a certain growth in the way they expand their art to a wider range and see the bigger picture. As intimate as the Sister Cities tale seems to be, The Wonder Years offer to us more than just music, they give us art in the form of stortelling, poetry, illustration and photography. The collaborative work around the release shouldn’t be overlooked either, with notable (intervenants) such as Hanif Aburraquib taking part to the journey.

Listen to Sister Cities and get ready for “Sister Cities” (the album), out on April 6t, through Hopeless Records.


Didirri – Formaldehyde

We certainly do enjoy discovering hidden gems, especially when it comes to singer-songwriters like Didirri. He knows how to tell a story and without a warning, he catches the listeners’ attention through his raw, vulnerable and heart-melting vocal style. So sit back, relax and get to know Didirri. You will find above his most recent single Formaldehyde, which he dedicates to the “strong women in [his] life.” 

Commenting on the song, he adds : “Formaldehyde” is about nurturing the feeling of being out of control. Making sure you feel it to the fullest extent in order to resolve yourself.” Cool vibes from down under.


Modern Error – Blackout Poetry

If you’re into anything that revolves around dark, gripping melodic hardcore, then Modern Error is what you are looking for. Check out their new single Blackout Poetry, then go give a listen to their 2 first EPs, which were released mid-2017. You’re in for a treat.

Spanish Love Songs – Joana, in Five Acts

Spanish Love Songs have gone personal and bring out a new level of vulnerability through their new song Joana, In Five Acts. In this song, they are tackling loss of a close one, but there is no reason for them to feel sory for themselves. Instead, their approch is light and playful. Watch the video and get ready for ‘Schmaltz’ (out on March 30th, through A-F Records)

Parkway Drive – Wishing Wells

If anything, Parkway Drive‘s return with this brand new track cements their position as leaders of their genre. Wishing Wells is encompassed within ‘Ire’s initial direction, only more complex and heavier. A decade after their successful album ‘Horizons’, which they are celebrating this year, the Australians are now making a statement that they still have a lot to offer.

Dearist – Drowning

If you enjoy good alternative rock and need to refresh your go-to playlist, Dearist is for you! Having just recently signed to Spartan Records for the release of their sophomore album ‘Sonder’, the otherwise ver DIY Dearist present a music video for their recent single Drowning. The video was directed by guitarist Lee Jarratt, while the track itself is mixed and recorded by the band. ‘Sonder’ – out on April 27th, 2018


Hudson Taylor go acoustic

On a softer note, you all know how enamored we are of folk sounds and soothing voices. The Irish siblings in Hudson Taylor have been in our radar for a few years now and they never disappoint! They’re offering this time new acoustic tracks in form of an EP and frankly, we’re all for this. Pre-Order the ‘Feel It Again’ EP

Hot Mulligan – All You Wanted By Michelle Branch

If you don’t know about Hot Mulligan yet, it’s high time you did!
We believe this band is about to drop a serious contender to album of the year 2018 and you can get a foretaste with this brand new single called All You Wanted By Michelle Branch.

FFO : Anything pop punk / emo / alternative / good guitars / nice melodies / passionate vocals / relatable lyrics.

Hot Mulligan‘s upcoming album ‘Pilot’ is set to be released on March 23rd, 2018 via No Sleep Records and in the meantime, you can still listen to everything else they’ve released before on all the music platforms you can think of.



This was a big month for music and you will find below the records that caught our attention throughout February ’18. Enjoy!

The Wombats – Beautiful People Will Ruin Your Life
Brian Fallon – Sleepwalkers
Dashboard Confessional – Crooked Shadows
Harker – No Discordance
Winchester UK – Life Begins At These Dead Ends
Good Tiger – We Will All Be Gone
BAILER – Bailer
Harm’s Way – Post Human
Endless Heights – Vicious Pleasure
* Pianos Become The Teeth– Wait For Love
* Happy Accidents – Everything but the Here and and Now
* Senses Fail – If There is Light, it Will Find You
* Funeral Shakes – Self Titled
* American Nightmare – Self Titled
* Thornhill – Butterfly (EP)
* Loathe/Holding Absence – This is as One (collaborative EP)
* FEED THE RHINO – The Silence
* Twin Wild– The Alternative Sessions (EP)
* Ought – Room Inside The World


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