Great Stuff You Missed – June 9th round up


It’s not easy to keep track with music news especially when you make yourself a busy bunny, so we check it all out weekly and make a selective list of the new stuff that you could most likely be into.


1. Being As An Ocean – Sleeping Sicarii

Being As An Ocean have announced the release of their forthcoming self-titled album and shared at the same time a glimpse of it. ‘Being As An Ocean’, out on June 30th 2015 via In Vogue Records.


2. Valley – Shelter 

The belgians in Valley have this new music video out for the song Shelter, which is taken from their forthcoming sophomore EP ‘Eternity Is Love’.


3. Man Overboard – Cliffhanger

Cliffhanger is the new track Man Overboard have debuted last week, ahead of the release of their new album ‘Heavy Love’, out on June 30th.


4. Northlane – Obelisk

So here’s a real quick Northlane recap : The australians are releasing a new album, ‘Node’ on July 24th (on UNFD/Rise Records); Obelisk is a new song off it and you can catch Northlane at a selection of  festivals this month, including Graspop Metal Meeting in Belgium Next week!
Also, if it appears to you that the band is ‘changing’, here’s what they have to say about it :
“Mid 2014 when the first musical ideas started to shape into songs, we knew this record would be divisive and polarizing, even controversial. But that’s something we aren’t afraid of, and something we’ve faced from the earliest days of this band. We will always evolve, we will never write the same record twice and we’ll never rest on our laurels, sit still and do something we’ve already done. So thanks for sticking by us on this journey, we can’t wait for you to hear the full record.”

Furthermore, if you want to learn more about this album, you can watch these series of videos called “Node : Creation”, where Northlane takes you into the creation of their third record. You can find Node : Creation using this link.

5. Cancer Bats – Beezlebub (music video)

Because watching a new Cancer Bats music video is always a good idea, here’s Beelzebub, taken from the Canadians’ most recent album ‘Searching For Zero’. The music video contains footage from the band’s recent tours supporting the album release and it looks pretty cool!


6. Parkway Drive announce new album ‘Ire’

The legendary Parkway Drive have just announced the release of a new album, which is called ‘Ire’, scheduled for September 25th, 2015. In the meantime they’ve also shared a new song, Vice Grip, which comes with a music video. If we have to admit that it got us quite skeptical at first glance, it turned out this song is way more convincing performed on stage and probably another one shaped for live performances.

Parkway Drive is currently on tour in Europe and will appear at several festivals including Graspop Metal Meeting in Belgium next week and French festival Les Eurokéennes next month.


.7. Stick To Your Guns – The Crown (Music Video)

Just because Stick To Your Guns.


8. Lonely The Brave – Control (music video)

We’ve already told  you about this new Lonely The Brave track a couple of weeks ago. Here’s the new music video for Control.


9. Rudimental – Never Let You Go

This isn’t quite the usual music genre we talk about here, but we can make an exception from time to time! Rudimental have released a new music video for the song Never Let You Go, ahead of the release of their new album ‘We The Generation’ next september. And as we do enjoy these things they do, here you go, you can check it out right here.

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