Halflives – Empty Rooms

Here at PlugIn, we enjoy showing you bands from the European rock scene whether it’s punk, metal, pop punk or alternative and sometimes new talents aren’t always from where we’d think. In terms of pop rock the US and UK scene has seen its good share of bands. However, it’s now time to tell you all about Halflives and let you discover this Pop/Rock-Alternative band from Southern Europe. Although the band writes and sings entirely in English, it is actually composed of five members from Modena, Italy.

The quintet will surely remind you of PVRIS and Against The Current, not only because of the powerful impact of the female singer’s voice on most tracks, but mainly because of their vibe and influences which will surely be appreciated by fans of Paramore and You Me At Six.

Formed only 5 years ago (and formerly known as Over), the band has been working hard, making a point of creating their very own musical identity and touring a lot inside and outside their country, which eventually led to a growing fanbase worldwide. Surely the band has seen a few ups and downs in their early music careers but their hard work paid off, and they are now back and ready to conquer us. That starts with new jams and a debut album ‘Empty Rooms’ composed of 8 tracks. But before managing to get it done, the band needed their fans’ help as much as possible and set up an Indiegogo campaign. The response was surreal and Halflives easily reached 200% of their original goal, not only proving their talent and potential but also the tremendous support they have from their fans.

And the result was worth all the efforts and passion the band and fans put into it. ‘Empty Rooms’ is filled with heartfelt lyrics along with catchy and upbeat pop rock melodies. The first two singles Mayday and follow-up Burn showcase the variety of the band’s sound and vibes that will stick through the entirety of the album, mostly carried by the intensity of the singer’s voice perfectly in-sync with the guitars. On top of those two instant tunes, we highlighted the songs Lone Wolf an energetic and catchy track with powerful guitars and Collide a track with a strong beat that relates a deep feeling through its lyrics and ends this record on a high yet more melancholic note. However, our favorite will be The Sickness that starts with a calmer intro before it kicks in to deliver a powerful and catchy chorus that you’ll surprise yourself singing on repeat. No matter what song you try it feels like each one of them will sound even more powerful live, with sing-along parts from the crowd.

As explained by Linda Battilani – lead vocalist, the band chose to keep 8 of the very best tracks to let people really discover their music and feel the essence of Halflives. And you can really feel that when you listen to it as the band’s sound clearly is defined through their first full-length. There is no doubt that once you’ll hear this album, you will not only love these Italian pop-rockers but you will be hooked to the songs as well!

And the good news is, the band is coming on tour over Europe and the UK with their good friends of Courage My Love. The bands will play the Netherlands on May 28th, Paris on May 29th and London’s Camden Rocks Festival on June 3rd… We clearly advise you to not miss out. The truth is, the whirlwind created by the release of the first two singles, the incredible success of their crowdfunding campaign and all the good coverage we hear around along with pretty sweet jams, the band has everything needed to smash everything and step up as one of the new hot bands of 2017.


Halflives – “Empty Rooms”, out on April 14th, 2017


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