Introducing : HAYMAKER (CAN)


Haymaker is one of Canada’s hidden musical treasures. Based out of Winnipeg, Manitoba, this unsigned rock band couldn’t be better described by the slang definition of their name; a punch delivered with great force.

It’s not surprising that these guys have been a band for five years, just listening to their posted music online is more than enough to hook you in to buying a ticket to their next gig. What is surprising, though, is finding out that the guys behind the music are in their early 20s. Showing up to a Haymaker gig and seeing fresh faced, young guys may throw you off for a second if you hadn’t seen any photos beforehand.

Haymaker shows no hesitation in taking their spotlight and they’re definitely not shy to flaunt it when it’s their time to shine. For example, lead guitarist Matt Boyer easily stole the show with his classic rock driven guitar solos, but once he was finished, the spotlight was seamlessly passed back over to lead singer Evan Milejszo and his juxtaposed velvety yet gritty vocals. They don’t jump around the stage and they aren’t the get-in-your-face kind of performers you would expect from young musicians. They’re the cool, laid-back, old-school style rockers that you’d expect to see with this genre of music. Reminiscent of 80s rock, Haymaker’s live performance is definitely the musical kind of punch to the face you wouldn’t mind receiving.

Words and photos by Kaylee Smoke


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