In Hearts Wake / Landscapes / The Amity Affliction – Paris (16.09.2013)

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The Brothers In Arms Tour made a stop in Paris a few days ago and we were lucky enough to be part of it. Tonight’s show takes place on a boat, and everyone seems pretty excited about it.

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First on stage are Byron Bay’s In Hearts Wake, who were a good discovery. Having barely heard about them before the show, we were quite looking forward to seeing what they could give us on stage. The Australians delivered a great, heavy performance. They obviously knew their craft and even if their formula was quite simple, they managed to deliver a loud and energetic set, keeping things active and alive. The setlist was more than satisfying as In Hearts Wake played most of the songs of their debut album ‘Divination’ (7/10), including hits such as Traveller, Survival and Departure and even a slower song during which screamer Jake Taylor took the bass duties while singer Kyle Erich focused on his singing with accuracy. Overall, maybe for some it wasn’t something surprising and highly original, but In Hearts Wake succeeded in their mission of awakening the audience and played a honorable first show in France. Definitely a band we put on our radar!

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Landscapes brought the contrast of the evening with their signature melodic/modern hardcore. If people first seemed to have mixed feelings towards the British outfit, the least we can say is that they managed to own the stage shortly after. Landscapes were intense and touching, especially through frontman Shaun Milton’s incredible vocal performance and amazing stagecraft  (he even performed a whole song in the ‘pit’). The band seemed extremely involved and devoted but there was here something even more interesting than the usual music performance. Indeed, Landscapes have that particular sense of sharing with meaningful lyrics and a real message behind; something we could clearly witness through the performing of Providence. The setlist was consistent and well satisfying, with notable songs off the album ‘Life Gone Wrong’ such as Cemetary, No Love and The Coming Of Age. Landscapes gave us a wonderful 40-minutes of escape and we can’t wait to live another moment like this again!

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Tonight’s headliners are The Amity Affliction that fans were all resolutely waiting for, in fact, the venue quickly filled up again, especially in the first rows to get crazy as soon as the band kicked off (a little bit late) things right with Greens Avenue. What came next left us however with a lukewarm impression since the performance itself was technically good. The band played some hits such as Youngbloods and I Hate Hartley and even a cover song for Lana Del Ray’s Born to Die, but the sequence went fast with both highs and lows and set in contrast with the previous bands that were highly energetic. The Amity Affliction moved on quickly without really taking time to communicate and balance and sometimes it felt like the performance lacked of something. Of course, things still went wild inside the pit among the fans that were happy to scream back the lyrics to the band for songs such as Chasing Ghosts or the closing Open Letter. Don’t get us wrong, we do like The Amity Affliction a lot here, we don’t say that the show wasn’t good, however it didn’t fully meet our expectations. We are still looking forward to seeing them again, hopefully soon!



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