Album Review: Intervals – A Voice Within

Intervals-A-Voice-WithinInstrumental progressive metal bands are rare; especially genuine ones. Canadian band Intervals totally handles the style. Their debut album “A Voice Within” is available since March 4th.

They proved it in their previous EPs “The Space Between” and “In Time” which are completely instrumental. However, since then things have evolved for them and this debut album, welcomes Mike Semesky (ex – The Haarp Machine) as a vocalist. Something quite surprising they had announced only a few days before embarking on their first tour with the new formula in January. They are still the same band and the strong intrumentals are still present, but with this album, Intervals took a huge step forward and the result isn’t bad at all.

Ephemere, their first single opens “A Voice Within” wonderfully. As it unfolds, The song shows energy and makes the listener want to explore the rest of it. It feels like Semesky highlights the melody, staying in focus on the instrumental part at the same time, which will probably be enjoyed by the oldest fans. What is also absolutely delightful in the different songs of this album is that – apart from the basic progressive metal that characterizes “A Voice Within”, you can also hear different kinds of music, such as jazz or latino melodies, which is probably a proof of Intervals’ wide range of influences and inspirations… Furthermore, Harmonies between all these different influences show the quality work the band made to combine finely something this complex.

A special mention goes to the second single taken from this album and called Moment Marauder and its original jazzy vibeswhich is one of the greatest songs out of the record.

Intervals announce themselves as a band to keep an eye on for the future, and proved they completely know their craft.

Intervals – “A Voice Within”, released on March 24

Words : Chérifa B.


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