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68834_10152313792115112_770522742_nQuintet I Divide have just won the Red Bull Bedroom Jam in 2012 and have already performed at many major festivals including Download, they toured with the likes Funeral for a Friend and even embarked for mainland Europe this summer. Their highly anticipated debut album ‘Last One Standing’ was released earlier this year.









‐ Hi! Can you introduce yourself to our lovely readers?

Hi there! I’m Dave Mooney, drummer of I Divide. 

‐ Congratulations are in order, you guys rocked Minerfest in Belgium a couple of weeks ago. It was your first show outside of the UK, how was that for you? Is it a kick off to more mainland European shows?

Yeah that was an awesome show! We thoroughly enjoyed being out in a different country solely to play music! We ended up making a whole week of it, went over to Germany for a bit, saw some other parts of Belgium and even managed to have a lads on holiday in Amsterdam! We’re massively keen to get out there again so I’m sure it’s start of many ventures abroad!

‐ You’re quite a young band, yet we can feel that you accomplished a lot in a short time, how do you feel the band has evolved since the beginning and in what ways?

We evolved in so many ways. I think as you get bigger and better you see the music industry completely differently. We’re obviously still learning, but we have come a seriously long way since we first started I Divide. We’re now writing music we’re a lot happier with, I think it takes a good few years of solid writing to really hone in on what you think you do best. Although it wouldn’t surprise me if in 5 years time I’m still saying the same things about what I’m saying today!

‐ Your recent album ‘Last One Standing’ was amazing, are you happy with how it turned out?

We’re absolutely made up with the way that the album turned out. We did spend a good year and a half writing it, but hopefully it was for the right reasons! We also deliberated for ages and ages about where we should record it and finally settled upon Outhouse Studios in Reading. They are perfect for what we need, laid back but give super professional sound!

‐ What’s your favorite song on the album? What’s your favorite to play live?

My favourite song personally off the album is ‘I’m Not Leaving’, with the other members it fluctuates between that and ‘Monster In Me’ I believe. As for playing live it has to be ‘Runaway’! It’s just so ridiculously bouncy, really gets the crowd going!



‐ What is your favorite part of putting out an album?

My favourite part about the process of releasing an album has to be either elease day when you see all the buzz about it, or the first run of shows after release!  Nothing better than playing new songs for the first time and people knowing all  the words already! For me I’m not such a big fan of recording, I tend to smash the drums out really quickly and then I’ve got nothing to do for three weeks!

‐ How do you come up with ideas for songs? 

Josh (guirar/vocals) writes most of the material/concepts for our music. I believe 99% of our songs are based around life experiences in general. Some are more personal than others. We have a few songs about being in a band itself, with all the struggles that that entails. We have also written songs about love lives or even songs from our friend’s point of view. It’s hard to summarise inspiration!

‐ What or who inspired you to start a band? 

As kids we all looked up to the big bands of the day, dreaming that maybe one day we could join them. It was Dave Grohl for me, he is and always will be my hero! As for starting this exact band, we had all known each other for some times when we were in different bands when we were younger. It just so happened that all of our bands at the time came to an end, which then made us think, “hey! We’ll start a new band!”.and here we are with I Divide now!

‐ Now in the light of our ‘Music I Grew Up With’ section on Plug‐In, what are some tunes/artists you listened to while growing up?

The one band I liked more than anything that Dave Grohl did was a band from Essex called InMe. I was completely obsessed with them as a teenager,  specially their album Overgrown Eden. The song that probably got me into all this music was a song called ‘Neptune’ off that album, give it a spin! I was also very much into my System of a Down, Sum 41, Blink 182, Three Days Grace, Finger 11 and Alien Ant Farm!

‐ What is one thing you’ve achieved as a band that you’re most proud of?

We’ve now achieved a fair few things on my bucklet list but if I had to nail down on one I would say Download Festival Second Stage. We did play Download in the Red Bull tent the year before (which was sweet) but..nothing compares to the sheer size of the second stage and having that open air feel! That is my teenage goal completely smashed!

‐ Ideally, where do you see yourselves in a year from now?

In a year I’d like us to be getting along nicely with album number two and getting a lot more international touring done! Plus the mansion, Ferrari, 50 babes and a time machine hot tub, obviously.




The color of my hair is changed as often as the band T-shirts I wear, I’m always looking for good music and great people to hang out with. Definitely a cat person!

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