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“(…) It doesn’t mean that we’re loveless, it just means that the world itself seems careless”

A few months back, we had the opportunity to sit and discuss with the awesome guys in Dream On, Dreamer on their stop in Antwerp, Belgium with Silverstein and Palisades and ask them a few questions. The interview is originally video recorded, unfortunately we struggled with some technical issues and therefore decided to write the last few questions. We apologize for the inconvenience, however, you can watch the first part of the interview using the player below, and read the following part right after. Thanks for watching!

Callan : Aaron’s dad was a musician, my dad was a musician, and my brother as well. Deej’s (Dan) family really encouraged him playing music. It helps seeing your family members see what they can do with an instrument.

– It’s not really easy to make your mark in music nowadays, so according to you, what do you think makes fans stick to bands?

Marcel : I think the message that the band want to get across. A lot of bands don’t have a message and are in it just for the sake of being in a band.
Callan: You can tell if a band is doing it for the right reasons. The main thing I think that sets bands apart, is that people are gonna leave as soon as they realized that they’re copying some other band’s music or writing style. No one is gonna be supportive of that band, cuz it doesn’t seem passionate, which is why music is create for. So if you can tell that a band is not doing it for the right reasons, it’s a waste of time then.

– Marcel, you’re originally german, so you get that double insight on german and australian culture, and germany is known to be a great country for alternative music and has all these big tours. How come germany is on a higher level in terms of response to this kind of music, compared to the rest of europe?

Marcel : Oh, wow! I don’t know how to answer to that. Well, I’m just assuming, but maybe because german people have a lot of frustration in them so they just wanna try to get away from what’s normal, and I think that alternative music, if I call it that, is that getaway to be different. I really don’t know.
Callan : Well, every time I come to Europe, I get the impression that Germany is a lot more an art place. Like, you walk in the streets and you see so much of street arts. Everybody is just so much more open minded, I think.
Marcel : But it never used to be like that. When I grew up, listening to music like what we do now, I was the only one doing it. It’s not like it’s always been big, and it’s never been really respected neither. Anywhere you go, it’s pretty judgmental in Germany, whether you have tattoos or ‘girl’ jeans on or whatever, I’ve always had a hard time. So I guess we’ll never know the answer.
Callan : There’s been a change in the scene, which is a good thing I guess.
Marcel : But it’s still like that though, it’s not that it has changed, it’s just that people are setting themselves apart now. All the generations are still not respecting that, because in their heads, it’s still bullshit. That’s what Europe is known for, I think, it’s being judgmental, well, especially Germany, from my perspective.

– Alright, this part is sort of a game!

Zach : Oh I like it 🙂

– So tell me, within the band, who is the most annoying?
Aaron : Me.
Marcel : Me.
Zach : Everyone has their annoying traits. Everyone. One day, someone will just feels like oh my god that is so annoying. Everyone has to have something annoying about him. When you living in each other’s pockets all day, everyday, you end finding that little annoying thing that either makes you or breaks, but usually it gets really frustrating.
Callan : I think it’s Marcel (laughs).

– Who’s the strangest? The weirdest?
Zach : We all do some weird stuff.
– No one stands out from the others in terms of weirdness?
Zach : Well, it really depends cause’ we got different cultures, american, german, and australian, so it’s hard to try and pinpoint. But, we’re all fucking retarted.

– Who is the most likely to succeed with women?
Marcel : Me, considering that I’m already married.
– Well, who attracts women the most?
Zach : Probably Cal, Callan is a ladies man. Well, lady man as we like to say cuz’ he has a girlfriend for a long time but look at him!

– Who’s the latecomer?
Callan : Deej (Daniel), he’s always late, and he’ll say ‘Oh I was having a shower’, he likes his showers. They need to be long showers.

– Who’s the laziest on the road?
Zach : If you’re lazy, you just get screamed at on the road. I think we all work pretty hard, but when we’re home, we’re pretty damn lazy. I’d rather sit around and do nothing.
Callan : But he has three bands.
Marcel : I don’t think anyone is really that lazy. Cal likes to just chill but he does work pretty hard.

– So, what’s next for Dream On Dreamer?
Callan : Writing a new album, playing gigs. Getting better and keep progressing. And just keep touring.

– Alright then, do you have anything else to add?
Everyone : Thank you very much for you time!
Aaron : My headache is gone now. It went away during the interview.

Thanks guys!



We would like to thank N. Wallace & UNFD camp for the opportunity,
Dream On, Dreamer for their precious time,
And of course, thank you to anyone who reads this 🙂

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