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It’s after a tumultuous battle that we finally managed to get inside the venue and enjoy the reason we actually headed to Parisian venue Le Divan Du Monde, that is music. But we also got to meet up with some great guys from Early Seasons and we had a little chat of which you can read the result right here. Watch out, you’ll definitely hear about them in the next few months!




Hello guys, could you introduce yourselves first to our readers?

Julien : Yeah, so I’m Julien, I play the guitar in Early Seasons.
Marty : I am Marty, I do vocals and…vocals!

Alright, so your first EP has been released two years ago (october 2011), what have you been up to since then?

Julien : We tried to play as much shows as possible after the release of the EP in order to promote it and also try to go forward. We actually composed the songs when we recorded it at that time, so our songs have grown on stage and after the EP was released. So we really worked on this progression of the songs we had already recorded and released.
Marty : And all of this between the tours, etc. Everything moved on as soon as we released the EP and we’ve toured a lot in two years and developed several things. And a lot of things happened since then, including The Artery Foundation
Julien : We weren’t expecting anything like this, to be honest. We thought we would release the album ourselves. They actually came to us. To begin with, we had An Insane Management, which is partly run by Baptiste of Betraying The Martyrs.
Marty : Basically we helped each other a lot, then Artery got in touch with us and it turned out we wanted kind of the same things, so we thought why not and it’s great.

There was also that collaboration with Dylan Richter (ex-For The Fallen Dreams)…

Julien : We were looking for a collaboration of this kind with an artist we liked, we had several ideas but in the end we’ve chosen Dylan. He was in a band we liked a lot and we like his work. So he was in since the beginning and things just went naturally, it was great.

Would you renew such an experience?

Marty : Absolutely!

How do you feel Early Seasons have evolved since the beginnings?

Marty : We have a great cohesion within the band, we  get on well with each other and we do agree on where we want to go musically, stylistically, in the future as a band and that’s a good thing. We agree on where we see the band’s future and this is what make us move forward. Particularly with Artery and we also signed with Avocado Booking, we’re managed by… and there are quite a few other things coming that I can’t talk about just yet!  (laughs)

You’ve mentioned it earlier, you toured quite a lot in the past years, what are some of your most memorable experiences on the road?

Julien : Exactly a year ago, we were leaving for a three-week tour in Russia.
Marty : Yeah Russia.
Julien : We’ve been there last december and we found ourselves in the coldest Russian winter in 25 years but we had no idea. I mean, we watched stuff on their tvs but it was in Russian so we didn’t understand, so people were like ‘Oh you’re unlucky, it’s cold!’ and we were like ‘but fine, we’re in Russia after all!’. It’s only when we came back home that we realized that it was actually one of the coldest winters in years. Sometimes it was like -25°C inside the van. That’s our most memorable touring experience I think.
Marty : Yeah and if we start telling you about it it would take 4 hours!

How does it feel to start realizing that your music is traveling the world at the moment?

Julien : It’s amazing, that’s what we were looking for!
Marty : We are happy to be able to share our music, as a musician, that’s what everyone wants to do, that’s our goal. Now many people say the same thing, but it’s true. What are some of your main influences? Julien : Mostly current metalcore bands like I See Stars, the Word Alive and such kind of bands.

You’ve got quite a well-crafted sound for such a young band, can we talk about your creative process?

Julien : It’s true that we work a lot with machines. Basically, about all of our compositions, we’re not a band that finds things live, altogether. We begin with creating some cool riffs, each of us separately and then we put everything together with tools such as Guitar Pro or something. Then, each one learns his parts and only after that we rehease those songs together, but what’s interesting is that we already have an idea of the song structure and what it should sounds like. We’re really focused on this and we give priority to quantity, you know. So that we can make choices afterwards. We wouldn’t work on one single song for a year before recording it. We’d rather work on five songs or something and then we’d chose two of them that we’d record and so forth.
Marty : As for the lyrics, I do write all of them, depending on the ‘song style’. But overall, we start with the instruments and only after that begins the lyrical work.

Screen Shot 2014-01-03 at 01.25.35There are some great bands playing tonight, how do you feel about being part of such a lineup?

Julien : Well, I couldn’t sleep last night, I woke up with stomach-pains (laughs). Like if you talk to me about I See Stars…We’ve been listening to this band ever since we started playing music I guess, it’s a band we love.
Marty : And they’re really nice, we took them to buy some wine to their parents earlier and yeah they’re happy to be here and we’re happy to be playing with them.
Julien : They don’t get to play France often, so this was for us the place to be! You know, we were about to buy our tickets to the show I think the day before we got that phonecall informing us that we would actually play this date. So even though we weren’t playing this show, we would have came down anyway. But yes, playing with all those band is so great!

Talking about I See Stars, what do you like most about them?

Marty : DEVIN! (laughs) No, but seriously, their clean vocals. And also that blend with electronic music, they rule. They don’t have any limit, they dare pushing boundaries, they don’t give a damn. They’re really good.

Did you have a certain pride to represent your local scene on such a bill?

Julien : Yes!
Marty : We were all quite overjoyed when we got confirmed, we’re very, very happy to be here honestly.

What are your thoughts on the french metal / hardcore scene currently?

Julien : Ok, let’s start with the negative aspects. I think there used to be a lot of interesting bands that I kind of liked at the beginning but they all head for that trendy djent metalcore…
Marty : Yeah we think that there are a lot of bands that do what’s musically fashionable at the moment so it immediately loses any interest.
Julien : I think a lot of music is being created in order to please to a certain label. They’re like ‘ok, we do like that one band, so let’s write music of that same style so we can play with them one day’. And then, for the positive aspects, we’ve got more cool shows happening in Paris. Like comparing to a few years ago…That kind of shows is now under the control of people of the scene and less to huge production companies that don’t really care or know anything about the music. You know, they’re more aware of what people expect to see. Of course there are still a lot of tours that skip France, but at the same time, there are more and more shows like this one, today. A festival like this one wouldn’t have been set in such a venue 3 or 4 years back.  We’re at Le Divan Du Monde and it’s been fairly well promoted, everyone can see it.

What’s your outcome on the past year for Early Seasons? 

Marty : Let’s say we wrote and album and got to tour a lot. And it’s in the last few months of the year that everything else happened. All those news arrived at the same time and now we’re ready for 2014, actually.
Julien : Everything we’ve been working on for years is only becoming reality now.
Marty : This is it, we weren’t expecting anything and everything happened in a flurry.
Julien : We’ve been lucky.

So we can expect great things for next year then.

Julien : 2014 will be a great year for us, hopefully you’ll hear about Early Seasons next spring.
Marty : Fingers crossed!

How would you like to evolve as artists? 

Marty : We wrote an album…That’s what we wanted to do when we did it. Now maybe we’ll be wanting something else later and maybe we’ll do something new, you know. But now we can’t tell what we do want to do next and when.
Julien : We remain open fow now, though. If we want to make something different, we’ll do it. If we want to put some Matt Pokora in our songs we’ll do it.
Marty : Anything we’d like.

Is there anything else you would like to add?

Julien : Thank you!
Marty : We did it! Those will be my last words.

We did it, yes!



Early Seasons have just announced a new European tour, supporting Climates on their headliner next February, check out the dates and get yourself down to a show!


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