Interview – The Getaway Plan (Brussels, 19.09.2013)


On the occasion of their come back to Europe, we caught up with Matthew and Clint of The Getaway Plan on their first date of tour with Sleeping With Sirens and Hands Like Houses. This was originally supposed to be a video, but the image quality wasn’t satisfying, so we decided we would transcribe it instead.
We discussed history, reunion, touring, recording and projects with The Getaway Plan; find out more about this band right here.





– Hello, could you please introduce yourselves first? 

Clint : I’m Clint & I play the guitar.
Matthew : I’m Matthew and I sing.
Clint : We are a band called The Getaway Plan.


– Your starting a EU tour today with Sleeping With Sirens and it’s not your first time touring Europe. What do you like most about it? 

Clint : It’s all the different cultures and just experiencing, driving 4 hours a day and then ending up in a new country, with a new language, you know it’s just some things that we don’t get to experience too much unless we are on tour in Europe, so, it’s really unique for us and it’s always a good time. Everyone’s so lovely and beers are really cheap (laughs).


– How does it feel to know that your music is traveling worldwide and therefore being able to travel the world to play it?

Matthew : It’s still hard for us to believe that. The fact that we can just write some songs and end up here because of it is still blowing our minds.


– The Getaway Plan history is quite eventful, especially with a hiatus in 2009, what brought you back together? What keeps you going? 

Matthew : What brought us back together? We played actually a one off show for charity back home and the response for that show after being broken up was huge, like really really big. I don’t know I think after we played that show, we thought there was still something going on.
Clint : And also doing tours like this keeps us going as a band. One of the reasons we broken up was that we are touring australia over and over and it just bored us down, but now, we have ll these opportunities to tour Europe and UK and yeah it just keeps us going, knowing that there are still people out there that want to hear us, there’s no reason to stop.


– You’ve recently released Lovesick / Mirrors which is your first ever self-release, can you tell us more about this experience? 

Matthew : We basically just wanted to put something out, kind of as a celebration for us parting ways with our label and management, becoming an independent band. So we had two songs that were there, ready and we thought potentially we wanted to put them on our our next albumen but we just decided we wanted to get them out there, get people listen to them,  give it a shot.
Clint : It’s just two songs  that we had, floating around. Cause of this tour and some other things we were working out for next year, there was no time for us doing a new album we just had time for two songs and we decided to go for it and self funded ourselves and yeah it turned out great and hopefully we’ll do our next album the same way without any record labels. It’s a great experience when you’re in charge of everything yourself…


– What is Lovesick / Mirrors about really? It seems like there’s a connection thread between the songs when listening to it…

Matthew : It’s just touring. We don’t take a huge influence from other artists, I think we kind of inspire each other more than anything. Those songs probably…Are the most natural outcome for the recording, we just want to put out songs that we like  and we’re really happy with it.


– How did you come up with such result? Can you talk about your writing/creative process? 

Matt : Basically, Clint and Jase would come with a base and would bring it to practice, but there’s nothing like crazy.
Clint : Yeah it’s just sort of ideas. One of the songs, ‘Mirrors’ that’s on the new release that was an idea that Matt had and wrote like a year and a half  ago. So there’s always an idea that is circulating around and we usually don’t just jump into songs, like ‘Oh I got this idea, let’s just do this soon’, we just let it float around and figure out what we gonna do and some songs take long to come around like a year and a half for this one. And then there are songs that go quicker of course. The creative process is always different for us, it’s hard to explain it, you know, like ‘this is what happens’. But yes, it starts with an idea and usually Matt get an idea and we add some guitars and stuff and then we got a song.

So you don’t have any specific pattern.

Clint : No, which keeps us fresh!


– Which song typifies the most The Getaway Plan on your latest full-length and why?

Matthew : I would say either Heartstone or the final track Requiem, I feel like those two songs are like really personal and represent what we are.
Clint : Yeah if someone’s gonna hear one song, we would recommend Heartstone, we always make sure we play it live. And it’s good here in Europe and in the UK we can play it last cause that’s where we want it, while in Australia we can’t have to play lead singles last, so that’s really refreshing to be able to put that one last and that would be the last impression that the crowd has of us so, yeah, Heartstone all the way.


– What does your music aims to? Is there a message you want to convey?

Matthew : We don’t have a message , I guess our message is that we’re just music lovers,
Clint : We sort just try to be ourselves and do what we want to do. A lot of fans want us to play all the stuff and it’s not that we don’t want to do it but it just don’t feel alright inside so we do what feels right, and we never spare from that part, if there’s a song that doesn’t sound like any off our other records, it doesn’t matter, we just go for it.
Matthew : Yeah just do what you want.


– The Australian ‘alternative’ scene is quite fresh and full of potential. It’s also growing very fast, what are your thoughts on it? 

Matthew : We’ve been touring Australia for over ten years, we’ve seen pretty much all the ups and downs of this scene, we’ve seen a lot of stuff.
Clint : Lot of bands. Australia’s really tough, to, sort of make a career out of music, unlike Europe where we can do 13 dates,all in two weeks, in Australia there’s pretty much 5 places you can play so unless you got a really big crowd, there’s no money involved. So we’ve seen many friends’ bands come up, rise up to a certain level and then just break up because it’s too hard. and it takes a lot to get over here because it’s too expensive. It’s really tough but we got some really good bands and a lot of them are doing really well. But at the moment I wouldn’t say it’s big, there’s a lot of bands that I would say should be more recognized in Australia and probably no one would ever hear of them over here, which is a shame. It is a good scene but it could be stronger.

Could you name some of those bands? 

Matthew : There’s a band called Gatherer (not to mistake with the American Gatherer: editor’s note). They’re originally from New Zealand but they are now Australian based and we’re really good friends with them. And it still bugs me to think that they could be the biggest band in the world.
Also, Closure In Moscow are a really good band.
Clint : And of course there are the likes of Amity Affliction and Parkway Drive.

– While browsing the Internet we stumbled upon some young bands that look up to you guys, have you ever thought you’d be other artists inspiration someday? 

Matthew : No…
Clint : Yeah, that’s crazy. Because you never think you’d be on that other side, but then when it happens…I wouldn’t say that’s unacceptable, but it’s really hard to process, when someone’s like “oh I picked up the guitar because of you”, you’re just like ‘what do you mean?’. Yeah it’s hard to accept but…I think it’s fun. As a musician, just knowing you can inspire someone, it’s a beautiful cycle to be a part of.

– What is your proudest achievement as a band so far? 

Matthew : It was probably recording ‘Requiem’. For me anyway, that’s the greatest achievement.
Clint : Definitely, yeah, actually that record and…sticking with it and everything that came off after, like being here, getting to tour in Europe and the UK. It’s all great stuff.

What was so special about that record? 

Matthew : I guess the process of recording that record was really a tough time, like we had just gone back together and we kind of put everything on the line again and we were so scared going to make that record and then to come out with the product that we did, it just makes us very proud of what we have achieved. Even if the record never breaks it, we’re still happy with it, you know. Just the fact that we have that CD, for us it’s timeless.


– What are some releases that caught attention this year?

Clint : This year’s been crazy
Matt : I personally really, really love the new Sigur Ros CD and…What else? This is such a tough question! (laughs)
Matt : New record from Karnivool.
Clint : Misery Signals…It’s been a good year for music!

…and any you are looking forward to?

Clint : There’s a band from Canada called Sights & Sounds, they’re bringing out a new one this year, we really love that band. That should be awesome.


– What’s next for The Getaway Plan?

Matt : We are going to finish off this tour then we’re gonna head home and have a little break towards the end of the year and write some songs and no pressure on ourselves at all on making a new record or else, we’re just going our own way and see what we an create musically and hopefully next year we will do more touring, hopefully we’ll try to go to the States, we’ve never toured the US before.
Clint : We’re trying to get to Japan too, maybe we’ll make it over there. It’s sort of open, we’ve got some time off, we’ll do some writing until tours come up and that’s it.

Thank you for your answers and hopefully see you soon!


Special thanks to Matthew Donnan
and of course Matthew Wright, Clint Ellis and The Getaway Plan


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