Interview : Tom Craig & Joel Heywood / SILENT SCREAMS – Paris (March 2014)

IMG_4624You’ll probably hear a lot form them in the very near future as a they’ve got a lot of great things coming. Having just signed with Artery Recordings, Silent Screams have also a brand new album that should see the light pretty soon and already have some sweet shows lined up for the next few months, such as Damage Festival, which will take place on October in Paris.
We got to sit and chat with vocalists Tom and Joel before their recent show in Paris (with Chelsea Grin, The Browning and More Than A Thousand) and here’s the result.



– Your tour with Chelsea Grin, More Than A thousand and The Browning is quite a big one for you, how’s it? Do you believe it will help you get more exposure in the near future?

Tom: It’s been amazing, the bands are great and yes, absolutely!
Joel: Yes!
Tom: It’s so easy to become a band nowadays, that touring is the essential part of gaining new fans now, I mean, essentially you can start a band on your computer in your room, so to be out there every day, gaining new fans like we do on this tour, that’s what helps.

– What do you learn from such experiences as a young band?

Tom: So much!
Joel: The kind of professional aspects of being a band. Once you see one of those bigger bands and what they do. It kind of helps you to…Not necessarily grow up, but it helps you to mature your own set and your own live performance and everything behind it.

– Now, talking about your current work, you have a second full length on the works at the moment…

Tom: It’s done!
Joel: But it was literally just done a few weeks ago.
Tom: We’re really happy with it. It’s our first album with Joel, who is our new singer.
Joel: We got Joey Sturgis to master it again.
It’s our sound, but very matured, honestly it’s much more than what we’ve done before, there’s a lot more of everything; there’s more singing, more screaming parts, more samples, etc.
Joel: It’s an evolved version of what we were doing basically.


– Well, the evolution aspect is quite interesting if we consider you’re part of a growing and crowded music “scene”. What helps you stand out from the others?

Joel: We just try to keep it interesting, like we said, we try to evolve, because if you don’t evolve you’re just stuck. If you  continue to just make the same type of stuff, then you’re just stuck in a scene, where everyone’s does the same thing, everyone tries to put out something that’s just as good as everyone else, but doesn’t try to just evolve and move away from it.
Tom: [Joel] He’s got quite a unique voice, I think that helps us a lot. It’s not exactly the same as the other bands that have singing and screaming parts. So we try to keep it a bit smoother and a bit better.
Tom: We want to stay within that genre we like and the genre that people enjoy. When they come to our show, it’s within that genre, so obviously it’s a similar sound as everyone else here, but we try to also make a step out of it.

Untitled-2– What do you enjoy exploring through your songwriting?

Joel: We try to let people know that whatever they’re going through, there’s always someone else that has been going through it. Throughout your life, you always need to know that someone else has been there, otherwise, you just feel absolutely hopeless. And that’s one thing we do try and put out as much as possible to let people know that they’re not alone in it. As long as they hold on, there is always hope for them. There is hope for everyone. This new record has a lot of things that we’ve been though ourselves. There are things about when you unfortunately lose people along your life, because of death; that type of thing. We let people know that they’re not alone when it happens.


– So what’s your favorite part of writing music?

Tom: For me it’s that part of the stuff we’ve been through, I mean, as a band, as an individual, there’s so much  bad stuff that happens in life and I think to get to write that down, sing that and put it into music and then having people hear it and sing for it. It’s kind of a release.

– What is your proudest achievement as Silent Screams?

Tom: It’s a good question. (laughs)
Joel: I’m very fortunate for everything that I have been able to do, to be honest. I have been in the band for a year and a half now but and every single thing that I’ve been able to do is something that other people don’t get to do. I’m pretty fortunate for everything. I mean things like playing Download in the UK, was mind blowing. Recording this album, you know what I mean. Again, I never thought I’d get the chance to do something like that.
Tom: There are so many things. Touring aspects, recording aspects. Everything we get to do with this band is an achievement.
Joel: It’s a blessing.

– How would you like to evolve later?

Joel: I’d like to think we’ll have the creativity to do something interesting. I’d always like to thing that when we do music, it’s always something that people want to hear. Instead of doing something that we have to. You know, unfortunately some bands get kinda stuck in the cycle where they release albums or they write music they feel they have to make because they want to stay there and within a certain…group? I don’t know, but I’d always like to know that we can write and record music like we did with this album. I mean with this album, we kinda just did what we wanted to. I mean some stuff on there wouldn’t certainly be what you expect, but we did it because we thought it was interesting. And I’d like to think we’ll keep on doing this no matter what we actually end up being doing.  You know, bands like Bring Me The Horizon; and look what they are now.

IMG_4633– What is some music you enjoy listening to at the moment?

Joel: I listen to the heaviest music, but every night I like listening to City and Colour. I love City and Colour so much! Balance and Composure as well…
Tom: It’s a thing like, when you’re on tour, and you play heavy music, you just can’t listen to it anymore. Last night I was listening to Balance and Composure and just chilled. However we listen to  a lot of different styles of music. Cause otherwise, it’s hard to get inspiration if you just listen to one single genre.

– What’s next for Silent Screams?

Joel: Everything ever! (laughs)

– You still have your best days ahead!

Joel : YES!
Tom: We’re releasing our new album. It’s pretty much our thing this year.

Joel: I also just want to say thank you. Thank you to everyone that’s been supporting us. It’s super appreciated because without them we’d never been there.

Thank you!



Special thanks to James M. / Hold Tight, Gino S. 
and of course Tom, Joel and Silent Screams.


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