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1601176_10152178785533919_1584328659_nHaving recently released their debut EP ‘Open Your Mind’, Vivd Nation took some time to answer to a few questions of ours and here is the result. Get to know them!




– First of all, could you introduce yourselves and Vivid Nation (what kind of music do you play, how long have you been around for)?

We’ve got Rhys for Vocals and Guitar, ( Luke – Lead Guitar ), (Jason – Bass), and James on Drums we make VIVID NATION. We are an Alternative / Progressive / Rock band Kent Southeast England, this line up formed in 2012.

– Your debut EP was released in December, how was the recording? How long did it take you to achieve it the way you wanted it to be?

Well we recorded it back in June at Outhouse Studios in Reading  with John Mitchell and Ben Humphreys which was great, also writing the songs,  the first 3 tracks on the E.P and the last track were all wrote for Open Your Mind. We only used Time To Mend and Calling You that were older tracks.

We planned to record it at the beginning of 2013, as we didn’t want to rush it out to people but we feel we had left it long enough as band to give people more than just a single, and it felt like the right time to lay ourselves a starting block as a band.

‐ It’s called “Open Your Mind”, what’s that record based on?

Lyrically it was built around this concept of extreme determination to wanting to prove to yourself  or as well as society as a whole that you can be more but also fighting with these seeds of doubt that keep creeping in.

But like in the end – what’s the point of doubt –life’s too short to spend it thinking what if. Give it the best you can no one can judge you for that.

‐ Your music is obviously touching, what inspires you to write it?

Thanks a lot. Honestly lyrically I never write about things I don’t fully understand I would feel a bit ridiculous doing that. I simply write about my interpretations on a subject an observation, events, relationships with it be my own or a socially  that I found sparked an idea.

‐ How do you come up with such result?

Continuous moulding I recon. We play the tracks over and over again until we cannot find little holes in it to fill then work on each part again on our own

– Can you talk about your writing/creative process?

Well the writing process normally comes around I may write the bare bones of a song and rift or an idea which I’ll demo and send it to the rest of the guys. So when we are in rehearsal everybody has already got an idea of it. Which we would just jam over it again and again until something sparks a new idea or chorus whatever.

Normally we will write all the music of song get that sounding to a point that we are really happy with then I’d go away and write the lyrics for the track, but on occasions such as Cracks I had written all the songs with lyrics before taking it to the others – the E.P version of Cracks was just a recording  Myself and Luke done just after I had written it.

We are quite keen to record a live session with the version we perform now as a full band as the song was intended.

‐ What song on that record do you think represents best Vivid Nation?

Either Open Your Mind or Policy.

‐  What was the most challenging part of the whole journey into releasing “Open Your Mind”?

Easy..Funds……!  I guess like a lot of new bands that are driven and  wanting to get the best they can get production wise and visually when its coming out of our pockets and only one member having a full time job it’s has been difficult  as you can imagine – got to most defiantly all be dedicated.

‐ What are your views on music industry nowadays?

I believe it is Improving on how it been over the last few years.

– Do you think there’s enough support for young bands (help them get onto their feet, etc)?

There is a hell of a lot of people willing to help.

But also I think it’s quite hard to determine as there are so many bands and artists now days not everyone can just get help. As a band or artist I believe you’ve got to be willing to push yourselves and do as much as possible for yourself before you can expect others to just help you if you’re not willing to put in your own time why should others invest it in you.

‐ How would you like to evolve as artists and music makers?

Continuously ! Being able to keep making our music, performing and just doing what we love.

We live and breathe music so I don’t ever think there will be a time we won’t keep evolving as musicians and a band.

‐ What does the near future hold for Vivid Nation?

This year we are completely focused on touring and performing getting as much exposure  as we can, and looking to get some more music out to you in the second half of the year.

‐ Is there anything you would like to add?

Check out our new music video for the title track of our e.p ‘Open Your Mind’ which is out on the 24th January!


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