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We present  already Solstice here in a few words, but what’s best than a band introducing themselves to you? Here’s our first interview with Solstice, check it out and learn more about them!


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– First of all, can you introduce yourself and the band? 

Glenn : Hi, I’m Glenn. I play guitar in Solstice. We’re an alternative rock band from Belgium.

Wout : I’m Wout, I’m the bassplayer.

Maarten : And I’m Maarten and I sing in Solstice.

– You’ve released your (debut) self titled EP in December, what can you tell us about it? 

Glenn : We knew when we formed the band early 2012, we immediately wanted to release an EP at the end of the year when we would start playing shows. It set the bar pretty high instantly for us personally and it definitely made us write better songs.
We entered the studio in October with Filip De Bot for about a week. This gave us enough time to experiment with different sounds and helped us create a relaxing environment. Filip definitely helped us create the best record possible for us at the time!
Around the same time we struck a record deal with Thanks But No Thanks Records which ofcourse made us even more ecstatic to release the EP. On December 21st we finally got to play our first show and release the EP we had worked so hard for. It was an awesome night, escpecially because the venue was packed!

Maarten : We also think that music is the best way to promote yourself as an artist. It’s the most important tool you have in order for people to like you and get to know you. And it’s awesome to get so many good feedback, it really makes us even more enthousiastic about what is yet to come…


– What song out of your EP do you think represents best Solstice and why?

Glenn : That would be our song “Mileage”. There’s a certain drive to it which represents a Solstice live show pretty well. We actually recently released a video for it, you should definitely check it out if you want to know how Solstice sounds and looks like.


– How do you proceed to write your music?

Wout : Most of the time Erwin (our other guitar player) or I come up with a rough idea. Then the rest of the band says what they’d like to keep and what they’d like to change. We work together until we’re all satisfied of the song. When the song is instrumentally finished, we pre-record it so Maarten can take his time to find the vocal parts he’s really convinced of. After that we start rehearsing it to get everything tight and to change little parts which can be improved. When we feel like the song is done, it’s time to try it out at a live show!

– What inspires you the most to write music?

Wout : For me it’s just something I love to do. Before I was in Solstice, I wrote songs for no reason and I just hoped I could use them someday. Here we are using parts of songs I’ve written a long time ago. I try to see it as a learning progress. When I first wrote songs I was like; “It sounds ok, let’s play it!”. Now I’m trying to think it over and see what I can add or leave to make it more special.

Maarten : Everyday life inspires me the most to write lyrics. I write about things that have happened to me or situations that have left an impression. I know that a lot of people don’t really read lyrics but for me it’s one of the main features that makes me like a band and I’m sure that there are people just like me.

– What’s the story behind Solstice?

Glenn : We already knew each other from school, going to local shows and playing shows together in different bands. Our previous bands all disbanded around the same time and we decided to team up. We all knew each other’s musical capabilities and motivation beforehand, which definitely makes it easier working together.


– How would you describe your music to someone who doesn’t know it?

Maarten : I would definitely tell them to check it out and let them decide for themselves. People do always tend to search for comparisons with other bands and if that helps anyone I can tell you that we’ve been compared to The Dangerous Summer, Conditions, Saosin, Anberlin and some of them hear some Thrice in it as well.. All bands that we highly appreciate and to be compared to one of them already is such a compliment.


– What was the biggest challenge you encountered as band so far?

Maarten : Since we’re still a very young band I would say that the writing of the EP was the biggest challenge thus far. Especially because no one ever heard of us before so we didn’t know what to expect. But I’m happy with the way everything turned out. We put a lot of effort in everything we do and it’s great to see that people appreciate it.

Wout : I think it’s pretty awesome how many gigs we’ve played over the past 5 months! The band was completed in August and we only started playing shows on the 21st of December but since then we’ve played so many already! It’s something I’m very proud of and something I totally did not expect when I joined the band. Especially not this early. I have the feeling we’re still the new guys and people have to get to know us. It surprises me everytime that a lot of people I absolutely have no connection with in any way like our music. I guess it means we’re on the right track.

– What are your views on your music scene, especially in mainland Europe?

Glenn : I think the alternative music scene we’re in is quite strong these days. There are loads of bands and there’s almost always a decent crowd, even at the smaller shows. The internet has definitely helped people to discover new and smaller bands and to give them a chance much faster than they otherwise would’ve gotten. Though this also has caused supersaturation and has impacted the quality of live shows of bands. But I guess every positive has its negative.


– Making your mark in music isn’t easy nowadays, according to you, what makes fans stick to bands?

Glenn : I personally think it all starts with writing original music. There are so many bands out there these days that all sound the same and I think that’s too bad. As a band you should want to stand out instead of trying to sound exactly like the biggest hype of the moment.

Maarten : We also feel that people should get free access to our music. We want them to get to know us so they shouldn’t encounter boundaries when trying to listen to our music. That’s why we always promote our Bandcamp page where you can listen to our entire EP for free.

Wout : I agree, great songs and a good fan-band relationship! If you’re there for your fans, they’ll be there for you.


– How would you convince people to listen to your music in one sentence?

Maarten : Tight, honest music with melodies that tend to get stuck in your head. But definitely see for yourself!


– How would you like to evolve? What are your music career goals?

Wout : For now I think we all want to have fun while creating music that we’re very proud of. Hopefully we will be able to record a full album someday to which people will be listening to years after its release.

Glenn : I think like every band we want to play as much as possible, play some cool festivals and venues, go on tour and release great albums!

Maarten : Have fun, make music, make friends along the way and push ourselves to achieve even more.

– What does the near future hold for Solstice?

Glenn : We recently recorded a new single with Filip De Bot and we will be shooting a video for it soon. We expect it to come out late June / early July so keep your eyes peeled! Besides that we’re working on new songs constantly to improve our setlist. Ofcourse we’re also adding new dates to our shows list all the time.


– Is there anything you would like to add?

Glenn : Please check out our facebook to listen to our music and to see where we’re playing in the nearby future. Thanks a lot for reading this interview and thanks to Plug-In Magazine for this opportunity!


Thank you for your time! 

More about the band here.


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