[Introducing] 5 bands you need to know before Groezrock ’19


It’s Groezrock week!

If you’re attending the festival, then you’re probably currently building your timetable, so we thought we might as well help you with this. While we’re certainly not going to tell you who to check out (most of the bands don’t need an introduction anyway), we’ve picked a few bands you might have missed.

Here are 5 bands of different horizons who deserve your attention.



Hailing from Australia and currently playing for the first time in Europe, Press Club are exactly the kind of band you should check out if you’re looking for some effortlessly cool and honest indie punk.

Having always had a DIY approach to their work, Press Club have made a point in always remaining true to themselves, through their lyrics but also their signature raw and energetic guitar-music. The band have released their debut album ‘Late Teens’ last year and it quickly became successful. In Europe, Press Club chose to work with Hassle Records to re release it in the continent and are now in the process of conquering  our shores.

Appearing at Groezrock : Friday 26th of April, 18:25 @ The Cockpit



Coarse is the band we didn’t see coming last year. However, the duo slowly created the music they wanted and started dropping it in a discreet manner. A single here, another one there, Coarse have now released a 6 track EP called “I” and started playing shows. It’s dark and chaotic and almost anxiety-inducing, but somehow liberating as well. We do recommend.

Appearing at Groezrock : Saturday 27th of April, 15:45 @ Red Bull Stage



If you came to have fun, then look no further. Frenzy and lively punk. If some faces in this band might look familiar to you, that’s because Tusky consists in old members (band+crew) of Dutch band John Coffey (RIP). Therefore, musicians this time are quite seasoned and experienced, but Tusky is still a relatively new name that you should pay attention to. Plus their shows are always tons of fun, in addition to being some of the finest current punk rock in Europe!

Appearing at Groezrock : Friday 26th of April, 20:40 @ Red Bull Stage



Since the release of their debut album in 2017, Sharptooth have been making waves in the hardcore music landscape. Dealing with sociopolitical issues, as well as more personal – yet relatable -thoughts. Their explosive sound, run by Lauren’s powerful and daring vocals have granted them a certain recognition among their pairs, but also the whole landscape, from listeners to critics. Sharptooth have recently hinted that their next album is currently in the works, which maybe also foreshadowing some new tracks on their current run of shows. FFO: moshpits, angry singing, first-pumping and circle pits.

Appearing at Groezrock: Saturday 26th of April, 18:05 @ Red Bull Stage.



Save Face are without any doubt one of the bands we’ve been listening to the most over the past months. In fact, they have released their debut album ‘Merci’ in July last year and it’s one of the most heartfelt and touching rock albums we’ve crossed paths with in a while. Their lyrics do probably resonate with all of us at some point and it’s all sonically catchy, despite the layers and the complexity that unveils after a few listens.

Appearing at Groezrock: Saturday 26th of April, 19:50 @ The Cockpit


Find us also catching Bearings and their acid pop punk and also crying to a Spanish Love Songs‘ haunting selection of tracks. 

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