Spotlight #9 – Introducing: Friends of Foes

FOF - Email SizeFor most of us, the Saskatchewan prairies sound like a place that doesn’t exist, except in fairytales. But this place is very real (it’s in Canada in case you were wondering), as are the band that is in our spotlight this month. Formed just last year, Friends of Foes have quickly captured the ears and hearts of Canada, and they’re set to expand their audience with their melodic alternative rock that echoes far beyond the reaches of the small town they call home.

Their debut album ‘Chronophobic’ dropped earlier this year, bringing with it a whirlwind of colour, sweet harmonies, and irresistible beats. For a band to produce such an enjoyable and well put together self-released debut is only an indication of what’s to come. And with a beautiful new song, Winter, and even more new material on the way, they show no signs of stopping. They’ve already shared the stage with the likes of We Are The City, Royal Canoe, and many others, touring relentlessly all year. Still need convincing? Get to know the band on a more personal basis with their bios below, and check out their album here!

Celeste Nicholson (Vocals/Percussion) – Celeste Nicholson is a singer/songwriter from Saskatoon with a background in Musical Theatre. Classically trained as a singer, Celeste is currently attending the University of Saskatchewan’s Drama department.
Keegan Stretch (Drums/Vocals) – Keegan is currently attending the University of Saskatchewan with the intention of completing a degree in Nutrition. When he’s not in school, Keegan plays of a number of bands as well as teaches drums.
Matt Stinn (Guitar/Vocals) – Veteran of the Canadian music scene, Matt has been playing and touring in bands for the last five years. Classically trained in piano and trombone, Matt works full time between tours as a guitar teacher.
Anthony Nickel (Bass/Vocals) – Anthony comes from a musical background as well, playing guitar and bass in several other bands. Anthony is an education student currently focusing on History and English. When not on tour, Anthony works hard to overthrow the Harper regime and remove totalitarianism from Canada.

A professional behind the scenes string-puller, in her spare time Alex is usually found spending all of her money in record stores or rocking out at shows. Pop punk is her true calling, peppered with a healthy dose of tv show marathons, and lots of iced tea.

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