Spotlight #10 Introducing : Tahoe (FR)

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Hailing from Paris, this five-piece post-hardcore (if you really need us to label them) outfit was formed in 2013. Reminiscent of the likes of Slaves, their fellows Merge and even Saosin at times, what caught our attention first is that this band is working hard towards creating and achieving something new, something different. You can feel it if you take time to listen to them, as Tahoe appears as a versatile band, drawing from multiple influences. Furthermore, their music is honest; something that is highlighted by an introspective lyrical-content.

Tahoe have released a few  songs over the past years such as Burry Vision and Diopside, but they’ve mostly been quiet for the past year and now we do know why. The band getting ready to release a (quality) debut EP, called ‘Wonders’ on February. The first single –Incomplete (Acts and Words) – off this release  is out already and you can check it out right here!


Find out more about Tahoe : Bandcamp | Facebook |

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