Introducing – Viva Revival

733926_506680976045835_889697135_nWhat I find delightful about very small shows is that it always comes with a few surprises and Viva Revival were one of those. A few months ago, I’ve travelled to Leuven in Belgium to see the Brits in Polar. performing a show. A floor show more exactly or a sweatbox show, as you like. A few local bands were supporting them there, including Perceptions, Inside The Hail and Viva Revival, the newcomers. Although I have to say I haven’t seen much of their performance there (I was running late I guess?), I kept in mind the name so that I could give them a shot later. And now I’m here, writing those lines about them, because they have just released their debut album via The Front Agency (digitally) and I think it deserves a listen (or more!).




Debut album ‘Landscapes’ (Exp Rock / Post-hardcore) released on June 26th, 2013 and available on iTunes, Spotify or Bandcamp.

Furthermore, the band is currently on tour in the UK alongside Fed to the OceanSKIES IN MOTIONAtlas and TURN AND RUN.

More about Viva Revival :


The Front Agency :


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