LANDSCAPES kicked off their first euro tour of 2016 in Belgium…

…And this is how it looked like.


Landscapes - Antwerp, May 2016 © Yousra F. //
Landscapes – Antwerp, May 2016 © Yousra F. //

It’s safe to say that we had been waiting for new Landscapes for a long time. On April 8th, 2016, the band  finally released the follow up to ‘Life Gone Wrong’, which is called ‘Modern Earth’, through Pure Noise RecordsFollowing, this sweet tour with Capsize and Giants was announced, starting off in Antwerp.

JH Den Eglantier is a lovely venue located in the Suburbs of Antwerp, BE, which we had discovered a few years ago, when Seahaven headlined. It’s May 4th, the next day is a holiday and everyone seems in a chill mood. What appeared as a shy crowd at first, showed more enthusiasm as the evening unfolded. 

The now four piece, completed by guitarist Steve Franklin (who did an excellent job filling in for them) debuted many new tracks in the euroland, such as intense opener Observer, or recent single Radiance, to which the small audience responded eagerly. Landscapes are excellent performers, and have always known how to connect with their audience, with strength and passion. It is something that frontman Shaun Milton embodies quite well, every time he jumps off stage to blend with the crowd and get close to the people. Guitarist Kai Sheldon also looks quite impressive, as he’s incredibly active on stage and visually adds a lot to the performance. If you’ve been a long term fan of the band, you obviously wouldn’t be let down as old classics D.R.E.A.M, No Love, Epilogy (and its especially striking drumming), or closing track Paradox made an appreciated appearance. There are songs that have the power to federate individuals and this is exactly what happens when Landscapes play the aforementioned, whether there are 5 or 500 of us in the room.

Overall the evening was great and Landscapes headlined a pretty coherent and quality line up. It is refreshing be able to see them perform new songs on stage for the first time in a while but we only wish it lasted longer!

Photos : Yousra F. / Mariam B. 
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Landscapes – ‘Modern Earth’, out now via Pure Noise Records

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