Through The Lens – 2014 in review edition

Of course we couldn’t forget to include something important to us in these 2014 in Review series; which is music photography. As you know, we have a lovely team of photographers who always contribute in helping us building memories of our favorite shows.  So we asked Alisson, Emma, Kaylee and Morgan to share with us their favorite photo taken for PLUG IN this year, along with the story behind it. 


You Me At Six - (European Headline Tour 2014 @ Trabendo - Paris, France)
You Me At Six – (European Headline Tour 2014 @ Trabendo – Paris, France)

March 22nd, 2014. It was the day  You Me At Six came to Paris this year. This date is special to me because it marks the beginning of a new adventure. That night I became a new member of the Plug In Team and I remember the excitement that I felt when I’ve been asked to shoot the show. I also remember the fear of not being good enough. It was actually my 4th show as a photographer and I felt like I was not ready to shoot for a publication or someone other than myself. But it was the greatest opportunity that I ever had at that time and it was a big challenge to me. I remember shooting during the whole show because I didn’t want to miss a “good shot” and I remember having some trouble with the settings of my camera because I was not used to it yet. But I also remember enoying every second of the show, I felt like I was finally who I wanted to be, I finally found my way. Looking back, it’s safe to say that I am way better now and I took some better pictures than this one but this particular photos the starting point of all the others. When I look at it, I remember the atmosphere, and my mindset at that specific moment. When I close my eyes I can hear the crowd screaming.
And I think this what music photography is about.

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Anthony Hamin of Merge - ('Elysion Release show @ La Flèche D'Or -  Paris, France)
Anthony Hamin of Merge – (‘Elysion Release show @ La Flèche D’Or – Paris, France)

There are a lot of french bands I know about, but there is something special about Merge that makes them stand out, for me. I This photo illustrates well what I think about them. It was taken at their debut album release show at the begining of the year and saying I’ve been happily surprised by them is an understatement. Energy, happiness, devotion, and such a commitment to the show, carried by their singer Anthony; that’s what Merge is about. Between stagedives and various other manifestations of enthusiasm, they showed us on that night that that music is a whole: the band, the music and the fans can’t exist without each other.

More photos of ‘Elysion’ album release show can be viewed HERE



Derek Sanders of Mayday Parade (The Honeymoon Tour @ The Garrick Theatre - Winnipeg MB)
Derek Sanders of Mayday Parade (The Honeymoon Tour @ The Garrick Theatre – Winnipeg MB)

Although I had less gigs to choose from than the other photographers here at Plug-In, I still had so  much difficulty picking which photo I wanted to submit for my favourite from this year. I’ve been lucky enough to shoot really great shows for Plug-In and I have so many shots that I love.

After a lot of head-scratching and groaning, I decided to go with this shot of Derek Sanders of Mayday Parade. Shooting that night was a little frustrating, as I was stuck using only my 50mm lens which is terrible for when the musicians get up close and personal with their fans, because the photo pit is quite small and there isn’t much room to lean back. What matters is that the lens was fast enough to catch what I needed!
This show was full of energy from start to finish, but I chose this calm shot of Derek because of his facial expression. I’ve been told by someone I care about that I could have picked plenty of other shots from the show, but this one really stands out to me. What matters to me about this photo is the happiness on Derek’s face. This was a brief pause in the show, where the crowd was cheering, singing loudly, and enjoying themselves…so the band took a moment to enjoy that. Shots like this are some of my favourites to see, and it gets me really excited to be the one capturing them. I only wish that it could have been more crisp. But, sometimes it’s not about the perfectly executed shot, but what’s going on in the photo, and I’m doing my best to value that more and more.
To any photographers beginning their journey shooting music – try and remember that. Don’t throw away the photos that you wish would have been 100% sharp if you love what’s going on in them.

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Real Bad of Deez Nuts (@ Groezrock Festival - Meerhout, Belgium)
Real Bad of Deez Nuts (Groezrock Festival @ Meerhout, Belgium)

Deez Nuts definitely has to be one of my favorite bands to shoot. Getting to see and photograph them on the amazing Groezrock Festival was definitely a highlight. They are always funny and entertaining, and you can be sure you’ll always have fun seeing them, even if you don’t know the lyrics. And I just like Real Bad’s look in this photo. It shows the intensity of their music, and overall, the power music can have when you enjoy yourself at a show, whether you are the one on stage, or the one having fun in the pit.

Hopefully i’ll get to see Deez Nuts again in 2015 !

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