Album Review : Letlive – The Blackest Beautiful

letliveI still remember that time, two or three years ago maybe, when I randomly stumbled into that curious, yet incredible band called Letlive. while listening to an Epitaph free sampler. People barely knew about them. A few years later, here there are, this UFO is now THE must-know band of the alternative scene at the moment and when listening to “The Blackest Beautiful” it’s easy to understand why. Some already refer to it as the best album of 2013 while everyone agrees on the fact that it is a masterpiece. For us, it was clearly one of this year’s most anticipated releases. I still listen to “Fake History” with a lot of excitement but this is something else.

Letlive. accomplished here something fantastic playing with their listeners’ feelings and curiosity. It takes you to various states and levels of emotions mostly because the whole record explores many different atmospheres from a song to another. Yet, there’s something consistent and logic in there.
The guitar work is extremely complex and worked at its finest, from the furious riffs of The Priest And Used Cars to the enchanting melodies on Virgin Dirt. Vocalist Jason Butler is also impressive, sounding both devilish and mellow, he explores a whole range of different tones (props to the high pitched ones on Empty Elvis). It’s almost as if he was possessed by different personalities (again, listen to  Virgin Dirt, you’ll know what I am talking about).

There’s not one hit on this album since all of the songs are slightly different which makes “The Blackest Beautiful” some kind of a compilation of hits. It’s captivating and catchy, with interesting and strong lyrics, dealing with topics such as society, religion and racism, something that is still rare in this scene. Now the only thing that some of the earliest fans may complain about is the fact that this album isn’t really a logical follow up to “Fake History” in so far as Letlive’s sound has softened, and feels less chaotic.

In conclusion, Letlive. outdid themselves with “The Blackest Beautiful”  and they made their mark for good in the history of alternative music. It’s safe to say that they did redefine their genre as they don’t sound like anyone else and the proof is “The Blackest Beautiful”.



Artist : Letlive.
Album : The Blackest Beautiful
Release date : 06.07.2013 (Epitaph Records)


After playing the full Vans Warped Tour this summer, Letlive. will head out on their first European headline tour to date, including shows in Paris (FR), Antwerp (BE) and Amsterdam (NL), full dates here.

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