Show review : Light returns to Paris – NO DEVOTION (Sept. 2015)

No Devotion - Paris (September 2015) © Alisson Nilsson //
No Devotion – Paris (September 2015) © Alisson Nilsson //

On this last Sunday of September, Paris prepares itself to welcome back musicians here with the cleanest of clean slates and yet to make their live debut in France with their new project, and that would be no other than No Devotion. Before that, though, Parisian openers Paerish have the task to warm up the small crowd gathered inside the Backstage By the Mill, and they certainly will, with a mix of communicative energy and confidence on stage. Their sharp sound inspires us one thing : the French alternative scene, which has definitely too many metalcore bands who all sound the same and a few good pop/rock bands, needs many, many more formations like Paerish — but we also really hope we’ll see them open for more bands in the near future.

When No Devotion take the stage with the perfectly catchy Night Drive, Paris is instantly bewitched ; low lights, a black and white video projected on the backdrop and reflecting on the band, and of course, an already passionate and straight forward performance from vocalist Geoff Rickly. We’re showered in honesty and passion for music from the very start of the set, and even though the venue clearly isn’t as full as it deserves to be, the atmosphere in it is captivating : just like when listening to their recently released debut ‘Permanence’, we’ve suddenly stepped inside a film noir, leaving the past and everything else at the door. No Devotion‘s stage setup is simple, but it’s enough to create a unique atmosphere, and you bet every single pair of eyes and ears in the crowd are more than attentive. From the electric, sharp as a razor Addition to the ethereal single 10,000 Summers, the band’s sound is impeccable, honest, and it’s impossible not to be captivated. Darkness is at its peak when Rickly steps aside for the musicians to play the extremely emotional Death Rattle, before light returns victorious with Stay and Permanent Sunlight — a very good representation of what No Devotion is : the light at the end of the tunnel. What’s really touching and heartwarming about this show is that it’s music in its purest form : cathartic, emotional, and honest. If you go to one show this season, make it No Devotion. You’ll thank us later.

Photos : Alisson Nilsson
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