Album Review : Lonely The Brave – The Day’s War

Screen Shot 2014-07-10 at 00.38.04Lonely The Brave. Remember this name. It tells the story of an English band that should be getting big sooner or later, for various reasons, starting off with their debut album ‘The Day’s War’ (out on Setpember 1st). What’s so special about it? Let me tell you.

As a really intimist Intro opens this album, the first substancial song Trick of the light, allows us to foresee something really powerful, lead by singer David Jakes’ smooth voice. It comes with rather particular sounds, which moves along between torture and melancholy. Backroads in fact supports this idea, with a similar universe, highlighted by some electrifying guitars and meaningful -yet full of imagery- lyrics. Sounding like an anthem, this song already makes the sequence feel melodramatic. The atmosphere is set.
Dinosaurs follows, embracing the same vibe, this time in a minimalist way. The vocals are nearly a capella, pointing out the fact that if you were still doubting about Lonely The Brave‘s ability to create a powerful intimacy between them and the listener, that’s when you should be changing your mind.  As a transition, Untitled gets you ready to the second part of the album. Instrumentals and lead vocals are perfect fit for each other and offer a wonderful, harmonic duet on Kings of the Mountain. Something more active, more teasing and playful is on its way. Indeed, exploding in the air, the guitars of Black Saucers mark an imposing moment of the album. It’s short but effective and in the end you realize you can’t be bored throughout The Day’s War because it’s full of surprises and it’s punctuated by striking sounds just at the right moments.
Finally, the energy falls down, leaving room for a more soothy song. As a rending cry, Jakes’ voice leads the dance during The Blue, The Green, while the remaining instruments create a last set of energetic harmonies, through lively melodies that will set your heart beating faster and faster, following the rythm of the track.

It’s almost an release when titletrack The Day’s War arrives, making the transition, for the penultimate song, Call of Horses, which is close to a lullaby. It’s a slow waltz leading into a dream, where after a roller coaster of escalating emotions we can finally feel the taste of freedom and inner peace.

‘The Day’s War’ is a vivid dream, where you can move on between distinct parts, following different paths, however forming a continuous and logical story. It’s masterfully orchestrated to say the least, probably thanks to hard work and passion. Honestly, who could have thought this is only Lonely The Brave‘s debut album?


Words : Emma F. 

PS : If you pay closer attention to it, the Outro forms a continuity with the Intro, renewing the cycle. The loop is looped and in the end…the dream isn’t really over. 


Lonely The Brave – ‘The Day’s War’
Out on September 1st, through Columbia Records

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