Longlive Rockfest unveils second wave of bands

LONGLIVE ROCKFEST - 2ème annonce 120216After their first and long awaited announcement a couple weeks ago, it’s now time for Longlive Rockfest to deliver the second half of their Lyon-based festival line up. Joining the likes of Simple Plan, Rise Of The Northstar and Napoleon who were already on the line up are the Parisians Chunk! No Captain Chunk!, Landscapes, Eskimo Callboy, Capsize, Lonely the brave, Blood Youth, Trash Boat, Stereotypical Working Class and To The Rats And Wolves for the Friday, and on Saturday, Northlane, The Word Alive, SNFU, Hundredth, Polar, Annisokay, Hellions and Casey. And even though we’re already in for a treat, there are still 9 more bands to be added to the line up by the end of this month, so watch this space!


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