Review : Running With the Rythm with Marmozets (Paris, Feb. 2018)

Marmozets – Paris, Feb. 2018 © Mariam B. //


The musical landscape in 2018 is an exciting place, with a plethora of new and older artists putting out new stuff every day. However, very few of them do stand out from the masses. It is with a lot of anticipation that we welcomed Marmozets back from almost two years of silence.

Marmozets have released their sophomore full length album ‘Knowing What You Know Now’, at the beginning of this year. They have been recently eating up the miles in Europe for a few weeks to present the record to their audience and conquer new crowds.
With a packed show in the french capital city, the quintet from Yorkshire proved how far they’ve come since their mathcore beginnings almost a decade ago. At the time, they played messy and chaotic guitar-based music. But what hasn’t changed is the excellent command of their performances and the deep knowledge of their art. Marmozets are very young people and this band is first a family matter (3 brothers and sisters and 2 brothers.) As humans, they’re close and loving to each other, which probably affects in a positive manner the way they create and play their music.
Marmozets are unpredictable. It shows when their rock’n’roll finall gets messy on stage as drummer  Josh Mcintyre rounds off a searing solo, stands on his drum kit, before joining the front of the stage to engage with the audience. It’s hot and chaotic and the band follows-up the best form both albums ‘The Weird and Wonderful Marmozets’ and ‘Knowing What You Know Now’. There are no barricades and the crowd is a constant flood of stage divers, to which singer Becca Mcintyre will express astonishment after a few songs.
Marmozets – Paris, Feb. 2018 © Mariam B. //
Speaking of Becca, the young woman is the personification of the front person. We’ve rarely ever seen anyone lead a performance the way she does, let alone at such a young age, because as far as we know, she’s always been like that. Not only Becca masters her vocals, whether she sings or shouts, but she also ensures the (rock) show. She even knows how to bewitch the listeners through slower, emotionally-driven tracks such as Insomnia. A very special moment, during which the audience could get up close and personal with the singer, who chose to sing in the pit.
It’s only February but according to the steam and the sweat, this show already classifies as ont of the hottest (literally and figuratively) of the year. So much that we caught ourselves responding with a little too much enthusiasm to songs like Suffocation. A song where the dialogue-verse between Becca and  and Sam (Mcintyre), about how crazy their lifestyle can get, only ignites the spirits. If Becca Mcintyre defines pretty well what fronting a band means, it is absolutely a delight to be able to enjoy all the band members’ personalities, who don’t fade at all. The 5 musicians know their craft, that’s for sure. But most importantly, they know how to have fun while doing their thing properly, too.
Marmozets – Paris, Feb. 2018 © Mariam B. //


With tracks such as Major System Error and Play, sitting between the classic Born Young and Free and fan favorite Move Shake Hide, Marmozets managed to offer a tremendous evening to everyone in the venue and reconcile the sceptics with their latest record. In fact, the album has been sometimes criticized for its conventional and tidier side than its predecessor.
Judging by their performance in the packed Parisian club, Marmozets are on a rewarding road to success. This band is a force to be reckoned with in modern rock and we urge you to give them a shout if you still haven’t!

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