Through The Lens #2 – Morgan L. // MERGE (Showcase in Paris)

Aside from the classic articles and reviews, you probably now know that we aim to bring fresher things and get you all as much involved as possible. Now we thought photographers don’t always get enough credit for their hard-work and the many other things they constantly have struggle with (and there are a lot of them, you don’t even imagine). We know we can’t change things, but we would like to hear from them more, which is why we are today launching this new column called “Through the Lens”, which consists of giving the floor to music photographers and have them tell us about their music photography experiences. Here’s the second episode of the series, courtesy of Morgan Legars, another Paris based photographer we’ve worked with a lot recently! She has chosen to tell us about her experience photographing one of our favorite Paris based bands; Merge.






Find the full photo-album of this show RIGHT HERE.


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