Album Review : Neck Deep – Wishful Thinking


After releasing the critically acclaimed EP “A History Of Bad Decisions” and touring the UK with the likes of The Wonder Years and Real Friends in 2013, Neck Deep are back this year with their first full length, “Wishful Thinking”,released through Hopeless Records.

Formed in 2012,the five piece were originally accused by skeptical people of sounding too much like fellow pop-punkers The Story So Far,but “Wishful Thinking” is going to prove everyone wrong with its efficient tunes. The band has also recorded a new version of What Did You Expect,originally released on their first EP,”Rain In July”,and vocalist Ben Barlow’s voice has clearly matured,while the instrumental sounds cleaner and more in order,and that’s exactly what we can hear on the whole album. Opening song Losing Teeth sets the tone for a consistent album,and the closing tracksthe  slower Candour,reminds us of one of Neck Deep‘s most famous songs A Part Of Me with its female vocals,but it doesn’t feel like a repetition,and feels like a good opportunity to breathe after eleven catchy tunes.

If you’re fond of the pop-punk scene and the likes of The Story So Far and Handguns,then you’ll find yourself headbanging to yourself more than once while listening to “Wishful Thinking”. The band didn’t try to pretend that they would revolutionise the genre,and that’s what makes the album even more enjoyable,and while they have clearly grown since their last release,they’re still a band that writes what they’re good at and doesn’t try to be anyone else,which is good to hear.

The standout track is clearly Zoltar Speaks,with its fast verses and easily learnable chorus,followed closely by Crushing Grief (No Remedy).

Neck Deep have clearly taken their sound further with this debut,and confirmed they are definitely going to gain even more fans in 2014,and make a name for themselves. With two upcoming tours in the UK,including one with We Are The in Crowd,and a US headliner as well,this year holds nothing but great things for the band.



You can buy a copy of “Wishful Thinking” here,or digitally on iTunes.

Neck Deep “Wishful Thinking”released January 14th.


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