2017 in new music : The First Quarter

Having a hard time keeping track of all the releases coming out recently? Don’t worry, we know the feeling. So, we gathered in this little thing a few albums we enjoyed listening to, in this first quarter of 2017. 


This year has already been so enriched with new music and many bands have showcased the result of their work, after either hiding for a while or breaking out as new “revelations”.

First, let’s not head far and make a stop in the UK where Mallory Knox , Deaf Havana, You Me At Six and Lower Than Atlantis have returned with brand new records in this early 2017. If you’re into british rock, with a pop switch, these might be a safe bet for you. But if you want to dive in a little more elaborated territory, you can go have a look at Idles‘s debut album ‘Brutalism’. For this one, we recommend tracks such as Stendhal’s Syndrome, which displays this shifted and funny side in an off-beat style, we often do miss nowadays. That’s where all the fun resides.
Then take one step further and listen to Frank Carter and The Rattlesnakes‘ ‘Modern Ruin’, which is already listed as a favorite of ours and will probably make it to our albums of the year shortlist. 

…But wait. You can’t leave the british territory without stopping by the darkest alleys of Southampton, as Creeper‘s ‘Eternity, In Your Arms’ is coming out imminently. In fact, it’s officially out TODAY, March 24th, but if you feel like you’ve waited enough for this and can’t take it anymore, join the callous heart right here. ‘Eternity in Your Arms’ is streaming exclusively on The Independent.

If you’re leaning towards punk, we advise to go check out Can’t Swim with their inspiring ‘Fail You Again’ and liberate all the emotions you’ve been retaining for whatever shit you’re going through in life. Warning : you may have an urge to go check out their tour dates, as they’re heading out with Real Friends (in the UK only, however) starting next week.
Sorority Noise‘s beautiful ‘You’re Not As__As You Think’ is another piece of art, you will want to play over and over again.  This album had big shoes to fill after the near perfect ‘Joy, Departed’. And yet, it does so brilliantly, with a sequel full of both heartbreaking melodies and high points you’ll want to hear all day every day”One more for the Triple Crown Records‘ family it is, then.

Furthermore, you may haven’t heard of The Obsessives yet, but now that you just did, there’s a possibility you’d want to hear more from this band. This is just an advice. The Obsessives have released LP2 (click through!) on Saint Patrick’s day through Lame-O Records. We don’t know about you, bur we’re feeling wild tonight

What now? Oh yes. Do NOT overlook the latest The Menzingers record and here’s why:

‘After The Party’ is : “The soundtrack to your late twenties or if you just feel old by anticipation.”
‘After The Party” holds : “Peak storytelling relatable content.”
(As described by someone close to us and reliable)

On another hand, taking a look at what good old legends have been up lately, we noticed that Bad Religion‘s Greg Graffin‘s debut album ‘Millport’ is now out (ANTI records.) Yes, it’s different from what we would usually deal with in this space, but really, just do close your eyes and let yourself go on a modern times country rock that Dr. Graffin executes perfectly.


But never forget that sometimes, you really don’t have to go far to find great music, as we like to remind you in those “Grass Ain’t Greener…” series. This is what local heroes Set Things Right have proven to us one more time with ‘Deathwish’ a few weeks back, as well as Bear. The latters have one beast of a record out soon, through Basick Records. And guess what, there’s a release show for ‘///’ coming up this Saturday, 25 of March, in Antwerp, with quality guests such as…Set Things Right!

And since we’re talking about belgian bands, who make a lot of noise, both Reach The Shore and Wolves Scream have released respectively ‘Hikaya’ and ‘Vestiges.’ Both records have thus been celebrated in style at the (legendary) Ancienne Belgique in Brussels. Mad props to these guys! Last but not least, Brutus have an absolute masterpiece just out, in ‘Burst’; showcasing one impressive take on nowadays’ punk and hardcore. Listen to this live rendition of All Along, recorded in the Red Bull Studios in Paris at the end of last year, grab the album and get yourself to one of those shows Brutus have lined up for the next few weeks. Trouble comes in threes.

A quick jump up North takes us to Amsterdam, in The Netherlands, to check what The Charm The Fury have been up to. The wait is now over, because ‘The Sick, Dumb & Happy’ has seen the light this month. This is a record that is quite surprising in a way and we’re excited to see these new tracks performed live at one of the numerous shows The Charm The Fury are set to play in the next few months!

Just on the other side of the world, where Australian weirdo collective Ocean Grove have released of the most refreshing blending-of-genres – or as they put it; “Odd World Music”- records of the year so far. ‘The Rhapsody Tapes’ is the result of  tons of experimentation and inventiveness. The good news is : you’ll be able to witness the madness and see for yourself this summer. Watch : Intimate Alien.

PS : If there is record that we were not expecting just yet, and came out as a great surprise, it is definitely Northlane‘s ‘Mesmer’, that has just dropped out of nowhere, right as we speak. Commenting on the surprise release, Northlane stated the following :

“We felt we owed it to this album to try and think creatively about every aspect of the way people would experience Mesmer, like a gift from us to you that is being unboxed. We wanted to make everyone’s discovery of this moment special.”

In the great Internet era, which makes all of us weak humans bored because we can have anything anytime we want, not building anticipation and making such a choice is nice enough to make it an experience we don’t get to enjoy that often anymore, when it comes to new music. Good job, Northlane.

More records that deserve your attention :

  • Counterfeit – ‘Together We Are Stronger’
  • Acres – ‘In Sickness and Health’ (EP)
  • A Will Away – ‘Here Again’
  • Decade – ‘Pleasantries’
  • Meat Wave – ‘The Incessant’
  • AFI – ‘The Blood Album’


I’m Yousra, in love with most of the things that earth has to offer, and isn’t music one of its most amazing wonders ? In that purpose, I try to always be on the look-out for every new band that will make my ears happy and my soul filled again.

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