Our Last Night : (european) Road to Success

Our Last Night - Paris, Oct. 2015 © Mariam B. // www.plugin-mag.com
Our Last Night – Paris, Oct. 2015 © Mariam B. // www.plugin-mag.com

2015 has surely been filled with Our Last Night related news since the guys put out their 4th album « Younger Dreams » on June 16th and did two successful Euro tours throughout the year. But we never really took time to introduce the band, most likely because they’ve grown and evolved extremely fast in the course of 3 years.

Trevor, Woody, Matt & Tim formed Our Last Night in 2004 and quickly signed with Epitaph Records in 2007 to release “The Ghosts Among Us” a few months later. In 2010 “We Will All Evolve” followed with the tracks Elephants, The Devil Inside You or Across The Ocean. The band released “Age Of Ignorance” their last album under a record label in August 2012 with some of their most famous songs like Liberate Me, Reason To Love, Invincible, Fate or Age Of Ignorance and covered Skyfall by Adele when they were announced on the Sleeping With Sirens UK/Euro tour 2013 alongside The World Alive.

The band parted ways with Epitaph around then and launched an Indiegogo campaign via AltPress to release two EPs. With an initial goal of $15,000 the band got a lot of support from fans worldwide and reached a total of more than $45,000 in just a month. Therefore they started the “Summer of Covers” right after the end of the Sleeping With Sirens tour, putting online a cover every 2 weeks and before releasing some new tracks off the “Oak Island EP” in November 2013. This EP was a real success with the hits Sunrise and Same Old War as well as I’ve Never Felt This Way or Dark Storms. The band got a lot of positive responses and they came back on tour as headliners over Europe, even going to Russia for the first time in order to support the EP. They also took part in a side project around the song Sunrise teaming up with the non-profit organization “The Bully Project” to continue the efforts of ending bullying. All this support also led the band to make an Acoustic version of the EP in June 2014, which included the bonus track Falling Away. Our Last Night surely expanded its fanbase over here thanks to a lot of tours but also globally thanks to very original and rock covers of hits such as Blank Space, Wrecking Ball, Habits (Stay High), The Heart Wants What It Wants (feat Craig Owens) or more recently Can’t Feel My Face and Drag Me Down (feat Matty Mullins), allowing them to stay in the news, make fans crave new music and obviously get some new fans, which we clearly noticed throughout the last couple of years at their shows.

During its record deal with Epitaph the band has worked with many producers (e.g. Andrew Wade who’s worked with A Day To Remember) but mainly toured a lot with well-known bands in the scene such as Stick To Your Guns, Memphis May Fire, Vanna, or We Came As Romans. The band even celebrated a 10-year anniversary show in their hometown of Boston at the end of their US co-headline tour with Set It Off in August 2014. They’ve obviously learnt and experienced a lot in those years which allowed them to do everything themselves from producing their songs and videos to their releases, promotion and booking tours once they decided to become an independent/unsigned band.

Our Last Night - Paris, Oct. 2015 © Mariam B. // www.plugin-mag.com
Our Last Night – Paris, Oct. 2015 © Mariam B. // www.plugin-mag.com

The best example of the band’s success is their latest and 4th album “Younger Dreams” which was launched with two singles Home & A World Divided and released independently on Itunes, GooglePlay and Spotify a couple weeks before heading off to Warped Tour. The album clearly shows the band’s evolution in terms of sound. It is not as heavy as the first two albums and not as dark as “Age of Ignorance” or “Oak Island” but it definitely has the same vibes behind it: powerful songs like “Road To The Throne, Living Now, Barricades or White Tiger and a post-hardcore/rock alternative sound that always make the band stand out live. We had the proof of that once more when the guys recently came back with Palisades and Crooks. We’ve had the chance to catch the band a few times this year and last October on their “Younger Dreams” Euro tour at Le Trabendo, in Paris, they delivered a very awesome show. That night, and despite a little issue in the venue 2 songs in the set, the band delivered a great performance. The crowd was on fire and they managed to balance between the old songs such as Reason To Love, Fate or Liberate Me and the very new ones, adding some surprises in between such as Falling Away or their cover of Radioactive which had never been played before this tour. Off the new album we gladly heard Prisoners, Living Now, Younger Dreams, White Tiger and the 3 singles off the album. This time the band was joined on tour by Colin Perry (their former band mate) which added something more to their live performance yet it still would have been nice to hear Across The Ocean, Elephants or Dark Storms although each tour is different as the band tries to innovate with its setlist; proof that they want to satisfy all of their fans without forgetting the “classics”.

Our Last Night - Paris, Oct. 2015 © Mariam B. // www.plugin-mag.com
Our Last Night – Paris, Oct. 2015 © Mariam B. // www.plugin-mag.com

It’s true that the Parisian landscape has now got used to having the band around and we could tell the guys were happy and excited to be back in Paris, as always. Also, The band always brings cool bands on the road with them and that night was a great discovery too as the band brought Crooks and we got the opportunity to catch them for the first time.
If we rewind a bit Our Last Night headlined the inamous boat venue Le Batofar twice, then played Damage Festival in a packed circus (1000-ish capacity venue) before selling out Le Petit Bain (another boat!) and now playing Le Trabendo. So we’ve clearly seen how the crowd got bigger after each tour and how supportive the fans are along the way. We’ll see where they’ll perform next but it’s pretty clear that it’ll be even bigger as it feels like the crowd is more and more responsive live, singing along and moshing around enjoying the old ones just as much as the new ones a bit more each time.


Now the band will join the Tonight Alive headline UK tour in February 2016 and may come over for a few festivals next Summer. It is clear that we’ll have to get used to the fact the band will be back a lot in the next near, probably with some new covers and projects. Our Last Night is the perfect example of how a band can evolve and be successful on its own. The band knows what it’s doing and what direction it wants to take. They’ve proved that they could make it by themselves, surely thanks to those years they’ve been signed under a record label and thanks to all those people they’ve met along the way. It probably was a hard bet for the band but they’ve grown extremely fast since they parted ways with Epitaph, got a lot of support from their fans and found the right ways to grow and they can be proud of all they’ve accomplished since they started back in 2004. Not a lot of bands are facing the same success when going independent but Our Last Night is surely a good exception and it’s truly well deserved!

To conclude, a very special mention to those four guys who always take time to talk to their fans outside a venue and join awesome non-profit organizations as they proved it with “The Bully Project” or on Warped Tour with Hope For The Day and by conveying messages of Hope and positivity in their songs: “Let’s Break the Cycle of Hate” and stay tuned for some new tracks and new tour announcements from Our Last Night as they surely know how to surprise their fans.

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