5 singer-songwriters you need to know #4

A touching voice, a story to tell, that’s what most of the singers have in common. However, what makes them stand out individually, as songwriters and take it one step further is the way they embody their stories. It is obvious that creatives draw inspiration from their own daily experiences, nothing

[On The Road] Tours to look forward to this season

Summer and vacations are slowly leaving us and everyone's slowly getting back to their daily routine. Fall is just around the corner, but a new concert-season is also upon us! With many artists touring between now and the end of the year, we have put together a small list of


Let's be honest, we'll never ever find the new Jimmy Eat World and no one will ever do anything like American Football did, back in the day. However, our generation brought to light some quality bands to get us our fix of emotional music. We had seahaven and more recently