Show Report : Distances – Winnipeg / CAN (13.09.2014)

September 13:

Distances album ‘Peaks/Valleys’ Release show


Performers: Triggers / The Ripperz  / Kids & Heroes / Distances

.An all local show for Distances album release show was definitely the way to go. The Winnipeg music scene is very much like a family; everyone pretty much knows everyone and walking into a venue is just about the same as walking into a house party..and with this line up, it was bound to be a night of incredible music and great company.

  Distances has never failed to keep a crowd entertained. Each member knows exactly how to work a stage. Even if you were to show up and lose your hearing for the duration of their set, you’d still be entertained visually. No one stands still, no one looks bored. Distances is “that band”, they’re the guys that appreciate and love every second that they’re able to be up on stage playing their music to everyone, and it comes out in their performances.
If the band isn’t enough to keep a first-time Distances gig audience member entertained, being part of the crowd definitely is. The energy from boys and girls alike in the pit are enough to make anyone want to jump onto a strangers back and join in on all of the mic opportunities lead singer Dylan James gives to their fans. The crowd interaction with the band, and with each other, is a prime example of what family in the music scene is.



FULL photo album (DISTANCES + Kids & Heroes) available on our Facebook Page.


Words and Photos : Kaylee Smoke


‘PEAKS/VALLEYS’ is available now! Pick it up on iTunes or bandcamp!

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