Show Report : Mayday Parade / Tonight Alive / Major League / PVRIS – Winnipeg (CAN)


with Pvris, Major League and Tonight Alive

October 28th, 2014 – Winnipeg, Canada

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For bands from Florida, Massachusetts, New Jersey, and Australia, Winnipeg’s sudden drop in temperature may have come as an unpleasant shock upon arrival to central Canada. Luckily, The Honeymoon Tour came at the beginning of the chill winter season and not in the middle, when the snow piles on the Manitoba streets would surely be taller than half the crew.

  The cold and wet snow didn’t stop the dedicated fans lined up outside of the Garrick Theatre, though. During a conversation with Cam from Tonight Alive, we were told kids were lined up at the doors around noon that day.
Once everyone piled into the sold-out venue, the lights went out and Pvris came on stage. As young a band as they may be, only being formed in 2012, the group had no problem working the crowd. Lynn’s strong vocals commanded the venue to listen, it was so impressive. While I was shooting, I noticed another girl with a Polaroid camera alongside me. Now I know her name is Sam San Roman, and she’s Pvris‘ photographer. The coolest bit about this is that Sam was taking Polaroids of the show for fans to purchase later at the merch table.
Next up were the guys in Major League. You would never guess the band had only recently replacing their former lead singer with their guitarist Bryan. The energy of every member was contagious, which almost made it difficult for me to choose which guy to focus my camera on, but definitely made it a lot more fun to be squished between the barricade and stage.
After the New Jersey boys left the stage, it was time for Australia’s Tonight Alive. From the second their feet touched the stage, both the crowd and the band exploded with energy. I was given some advice before the band began, and it was to try and keep an eye on lead singer Jenna because she’s known for her crazy stage presence. I now know why. She covered every inch of the stage and never slowed down. If the first two bands weren’t enough to get fans excited, Tonight Alive definitely did.
Headlining The Honeymoon Tour is Florida’s Mayday Parade. The last time Mayday Parade stopped in Winnipeg was in 2011 with All Time Low, so fans were definitely ready for another performance. Fourteen songs with a two song encore, Mayday Parade covered new and old favourites alike.

If you’re given the chance to catch The Honeymoon Tour, definitely snag yourself a ticket.


Words and photos : Kaylee Smoke



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