Photo Report : PANICLAND Tour-Kickoff show in Winnipeg (Canada)

January 14, 2015


Performers: Dane Bjornson / Paisley / Panicland


January 14th was a special night for Panicland. A few nights before they set off on their four-month Live-Different tour, Virgin Radio Winnipeg and Volcom put on a tour-kickoff show with opening acts Dane Bjornson and Paisley. The perfect line up for a young, pop loving audience.

Dane Bjornson started off the show with his solo pop acoustic act and, forgive me while I show off my age, his vocals reminded me of a young Jesse McCartney. I loved it, and every girl in the crowd did too.

Second on the bill was Paisley, kicking their set off with a cover song from The 1975, instantly catching everyone’s attention. This young band kept up Bjornson’s momentum and had the audience moving along to their set the whole time. It was great to see and I could tell the crowd was definitely getting warmed up for the headlining act.

At last, the moment the audience had been waiting for all night, Panicland took to the stage. Not surprisingly, I thought my ears were going to explode from the screaming, but the excitement of the crowd was definitely contagious. Panicland are great performers and there’s not a moment in the set where you’re left not entertained. The band doesn’t stop moving, and neither does the music. The energy in the room is just incredible and everyone has fun. The band plays their originals, as well as a fun cover mash-up that blends together so well you’d think it was all the same song. And then the finale of their set….phew. These kids are a force to be reckoned with.

Words and photos by Kaylee Smoke

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