Play For Paris : Music For Healing

imageAfter the horrifying attacks that happened in Paris a few weeks ago, multiple people and organizations got together in order to help the victims.

French “alternative” music community also got into action through this Play For Paris project, which consists in a fantastic compilation, gathering 85 artists from diverse backgrounds. It makes it six hours of music sailing from indie pop to black metal.
What’s most important, though, is that this compilation aims to help out the victims of the November 13th attacks and all those affected by these terrible events. Indeed, all the proceeds will go to FENVAC (, which is an organization supporting the victims of terrorism and disasters in France.

Play For Paris crew suggests a 5 or 10€ donation, depending on your possibilities, of course, but anyone can donate at least 1€. Every support is welcome!

The compilation is available at the following link :

Artwork :  Yeaaah Studio
Mastering : Ilan Benitah || Phonographe Studio

Featured artists are the likes of Mass Hysteria, Dagoba, Guerrilla Poubelle, No One Is Innocent, Paerish, Man Is Not A Bird, Guerrilla Poubelle, Above The North, Eths, Chunk! No, Captain Chunk!  and many, many more.

Play For Paris compilation is available for download until January 3rd, 2016.




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