Playlist #30 : A Fading Winter


Lighten up, this cold winter is almost over! It’s still pretty cold out but it’s starting to warm up, so we gathered up a playlist that will both warm you up and still fight right in with the remaining cold weather. Wrap up warm and enjoy!

  1. What If You Fall In – Lonely The Brave
  2. Neighbourhood – Landscapes
  3. Dissolve – Being As An Ocean
  4. Misery – Creeper
  5. Seasons – Major League
  6. Ancient West – Have Mercy
  7. Small Talk For Strangers – Pentimento
  8. Asleep At The Wheel – Boston Manor
  9. The Wild Bunch – Fireworks
  10. All The Old Things – Sunrise Skater Kids
  11. Predictable – Good Charlotte
  12. Downfall – The One Hundred
  13. Taken (feat. Rou Reynolds) – Hacktivist
  14. Room Full Of People – Somos
  15. The Sound – The 1975


Listen to this playlist : A Fading Winter 

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