Playlist #39 : New Year, Same Rituals

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While 2017 is starting to settle in slowly, and the world is going through many changes, we hope to be one constant in your lives. In that spirit, you can always count on us to try and bring you the best of what’s new in the music landscape throughout our monthly playlist. So here is our latest, freshly made by yours truly PI crew.

Real Friends – Isolating Everything
The Superweaks – No Sorrow
From First To Last
– Make War
Papa Roach – Kick In The Teeth
DVSR – Bad Company
WSTR – Lonely Smiles
Creeper – Hiding With The Boys
Stepson – Smother
Biffy Clyro – Flammable
Frank Turner – Mittens
The Lumineers – Ophelia
– Pressure and Composure
Fort Hope – Run Fast
Endless Heights – Pray I Fade
Modern Baseball – This Song Is Gonna Buy Brendan Lukens a New Pair of Socks



Listen to this playlist right here : New Year, Same Rituals 

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I’m Yousra, in love with most of the things that earth has to offer, and isn’t music one of its most amazing wonders ? In that purpose, I try to always be on the look-out for every new band that will make my ears happy and my soul filled again.

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